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Officer to squad sergeant - 'Ah Sgt Brown - have

just received a telegramme concerning recruit Smith's

mother who has recently passed away - please tell

the chap to take 2 weeks compassionate leave.'





 - ITE - EFFFT - AND SW...

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Also by Philipos:


dancing in the kitchen

what happens when you find your slow dancing in the kitchen type love

 your surprises after work type love

 your electricity when your skin touches type love

 your best version of yourselves love

 your love in every kiss love

 your my family type love

 your perfectly imperfect love

 your ups and downs love

 and they leave? 

what happens then

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Also by marlie:

our love | pain | marlie |

after party

there's no one here but me, bottles all around, the music's faded it's a melancholy sound

party streamers on the floor, the room drenched in drugs and sadness

it's hazy and in reality, you aren't glad this...

EVER happened

at first, it all seemed fun and you were happy at the time

now they're disappointed, now you want more, now you're back down the mountain you took so long to clim...

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Also by Adalyn Winn:

What it does | fix me | dazed | goodbyes | Drunk | outcast |

#addiction #afterparty #sickness #sad

a visit to the past

The visit to the past

I took the bus to the village

Only it didn’t stop there anymore, and no buses were going that way.

The only road to my house was a track.

For tractors and mules.

 In my absence wartime was hard

but I met a man who for money could

drive to the village for a few Euros.

My old dog sat outside it took some

moments before it recognized me

it was glad ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

new beginning | the great grief | failed | assymatrical war | the foreign bird | the bloddy brexit | the war | unwanted guests | consensus | what happened | waiting for surgery | the acceptance | aq tired day | sic transit gloria | FORTITUDE | I remember | when old sailors go | auttumnal reflection | the Obama precidency | ghosts |

Scary Spooky Halloween

entry picture

The calendar on the wall howls October 31st

Darkness is falling and my journey home awaits

In my dingy dreary office a black cat hisses and snarls

The moon is full and I am ready to meet my fate

I stumble with a haunted look into the eerie night

The streets are teaming with ghosts and ghouls

Around every corner lurks a grotesque gruesome sight

Foaming at the mouth a rabid dog ...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

La Passion | Mind + Body + Soul | Astounding Autumn |

Soul connections

Amidst the small talk and the breezy one-liners
I recognised you.
The distractions of a social gathering not enough to veil what was familiar.
I saw - not your face, not your thoughts,
but that invisible part inside that gave you shape.
An inner kernel that was colourless - yet made you bright.
Some might call it a soul,
but I'm not one to label.

Still, the recognition made me nervous.

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Also by Kate G:

Postcards | Beyond the horizon | One of those days |

Last one tonight- Calm thoughts free verse

Slow down

Calm your thoughts




Remember to breathe.


The faster you go

The more frustrating is is

When you lose momentum

Don't lose focus

Just relax

Don't fight the current

Flow with it

Bend with it

Become it


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Also by Eric Berard:

Okay, here's some anxious thoughts in free verse | Untiedled? (untitled) hahaha | No titles from me, like ever hahaha | Untitled |

Somewhat Lost

I wonder if you can help me?
I have mislaid my train of thought
My mind wandered off without it
Now it’s lost without support

It arrived this morning brightly
At some ungodly hour
Then with some cheek, played hide and seek
‘til I stepped into the shower

I did my best to grasp it then
That was, of course, my hope
Yet my efforts yielded nothing
But fresh air and listless soap

I hunted for it in the study
For so...

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Don't let yesterday

swallow today.


Don't put off things till later

that are best done now.


Circle yourself with those

that bring out the best in you.


By Lynn Hahn

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Also by lynn hahn:



That long-held sax note- divine 

Makes my soul jus drift away

The smoke, the booze, the horse,

The girls. Sum o'them, thin agen.

Man, the flash of the crack o'th drum

The thumpity, thumpity, thump.

He jus stand there in a haze

John's  soprano sax, Miles' trumpet

Blowin the blues. All the way To Missisip

All the way to me cryin in a ditch.

Those weary, weary blues. No ...

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Also by John E Marks:

Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice. | The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month | BEGGARS | Bait | As blue as robins' eggs | ....early onset | FIRST SNOW | Another day | The speech of angels | In defence of free speech | HAIKUESQUE ON WOL | Mind the gap: Work-in-progress | Arriving where we started | THE DIMMING OF THE DAY | Late October | Enmeshed | Janissary | Mem û Zîn‎: brothers-in-arms | Fire fly | In the silence of the Kurds | Translating the rain | Season of mists | Yezedi - 2014-2019 | What have you done? | Slash and Burn - extinction rebellion | David | Love in a police state | Whining poetry | Fossil sonnet | Tuesday 4th August 1914 | A turbulence of dalliance |


She would have waited

though some didn't,

on a street corner

she would have been there

waiting in a rooftop restaurant,

or by a tall oak streaked with light,


on a station concourse

I would have found her

I tell myself,

I tell myself she may be waiting still. 

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Also by ray pool:


Happy Halloween from Amelia the young witch from Sabden

Amelia lived in Sabden and was a witch,

In school she was unpopular and was called a bitch.

This troubled her very much,

Her class mates were cruel and out of touch.


But belonging to a witch family was not so bad,

Her mum was a witch and so was her dad.

Her dad would drive safely in the back seat,

Her mum while at work could make her house neat.


There was always m...

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Also by hugh:

Cute newt | Be careful what you might meet! | A random act of kindness in Manchester | A call from the dead | The clocks go back on Sunday | A wife's concern | Losing his load | One good turn deserves another | Once upon a time there were three nuns | Honest house sale and maybe hope for a community. | House purchase a risky step | A rubbish job for Boris | We love Manchester | World mental health day,10th October | Blackpool insemination plan | A hair raising question | One! Two! Three! Four ! | Domestic abuse | Skinny dipping | A tree branches out | The Smellyphant |

After Cavafy

entry picture

Όσο μπορείς


Even if your life

is not the one you’d choose

try at least

as best you can

not to demean it

by courting the world

too frantically

with self-serving

moves and chat;

and try not

to cheapen it

by dragging it

here and there

and keeping nothing back

in the daily


of news and views

with those you think

have made it


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The Sea



A black ocean falls upon me

I am consumed by the waves

Deeper I drown

The cold sends shocks through my body

A cattle prod for every inch of flesh

The pressure grows

Crushing my bones

The weight of 1000 suns reduces me to ash

I am nothing


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Also by David Karban:

Joyous Haustblot | A Poem About Hatred | Scars | Anarcho-Haiku | Cleveland Cold | We Had a Big Argument Because of Continuing Problems Related to My Mental Illness and I Did Not Have Time to Take a Shower, I Love You and I am Sorry | Capricorn |


In The Jungle

They seem so nice and friendly,

     So funny and chaotic,

But when the red mist takes them

     They quickly turn psychotic,

They rip each others eyes out,

     They claw and catch and bite,

When monkeys go bananas

     It's not a pleasant sight.


They pull disgusting faces,

     Displaying all their teeth,

Then jump down from the treetops

     And trample tho...

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Also by branwell kent:

In A Bedsit | Wanda And Rhonda | If I Were | A Love Poem | Oh Happy Days | Another Daydream | Madam, My Card |

She had a way with her

entry picture


Alexandra  shifted her weight

in time to the point

that she was making.

She sometime stood erect-

she was always

making a point.


Even with a potato peeler

there was an air

of menace-

she would mix it 

in with the mash.


Her threats had the promise

of unwanted mail.

Of brown envelopes.

The sort that fall when


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Ki pressed again | Ki |

War is Declared - - -with defeat in mind

entry picture

Solid defence line

columns fall into place


Thrusting forward charge

battle torn enemy scatters


Captured brutally discarded

crushed piled up high


While removing hundreds

mass reinforcements swiftly arrive.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

The Halloween Party | The Betting Slip | Nothing is what it seems | Halfway There |

brushed aside

Nothing to Lose


How will you ever know if you don’t try?

Let the chance slip through your fingers

Nothing to lose everything to gain

Still you hesitate and linger

A journey starts with the very first step

You’re anchored to the ground.

What is it that you fear?

The horizon’s very near

The hurdles you can leap

The hillside’s not so steep

Nothing to lose the toss of a coin


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I am sitting, you are sitting, we are sitting staring at each other,

Never blinking once, waiting for response, we're eye to eye,

And crying,

Patent leather watchstrap, holds a clock to tell the time,

Though you'd never know it 'cos we'd never show it, neither of us even knows if the sun's gone down,

I look contented, 

You're well presented,

But we are falling,

Falling just...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Strong Enough? | A Revelation | Anything Less Wouldn't Do | Bound (long form Haiku) | The Lionsheart | Start With An Apology | Mondays Demon | A Dark Seed | Hallows Harbinger | Broken |


We adapt our daily lives to habit,

The line of least resistance for minimum stress:

Personal survival.

Sometimes, with a goal and a plan

But often not.

Perhaps one we don't believe in anymore

Or we don't actually remember.

Big goals get fractured into little goals

Day in and day out – gazillions!

Always others to be considered besides ME!

Especially children

And s...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Thought Shot | Conversation in Shades of Blue | Portrait of the Moon | Where Do Birds Go When They Die? | An Irish Prayer (author unknown) |

I never feel anything in this world
Suicidal mused of how over whale I am
So take this meat suit off
Tell me how crumbly I am
Maybe then she would have stayed 
Just cute without the e so just to mention it
Fuck E he told me he was a straight G 
But that was a Lego without the L 

When he couldn't keep his word 
This is a reminder how his best friend 
Wants to fuck every girl he gets wit...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Alcoholic | Depression | Everything | Miss Castle |

First Love

I still think of you when I yearn for love

Your youthful smile and your glistening, droopy eyes flashes throughout my mind when I crave for love...

I'm not exactly sure why I never gave you a chance, when you made my heart dance like leaves in the wind

You're my ideal love but not ideal man, I guess I'm in love with the thought of you and not with you

 Although, anytime I think of love...

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late nightLove

The Favor

Thank you for 

the favor

of pushing me away. 


For helping me see 

the price of loving you 

is too high to pay. 


For saving me 

a life of heartbreak, 

torment, and dismay. 


For all the things

you wanted to, 

but didn’t say. 


For apathy 

as I go 

my own way. 


I hope to repay 

the favor 


# # # 


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Also by Vautaw:

Destiny Bound | My Pied Piper | Willpower and Discipline | Abandoned | Betrayed | Moments |


The Elephant in the Room

It's hard to imagine what it must have been like in there, in darkness with the stench of faeces and urine and death filling the oxygen depleted space, and the panic and despair from husbands and fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers.


Yet despite the sadness and anger we all felt, and the compassion we feel now for the families back home, who can honestly say that as tragic as it was they did...

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Also by Brian Maryon:

WILL WE BE DUP'ED? | The Train Not Standing at Platform One..... | Out to Lunch | Death of a Drummer | I Love Her |


entry picture

A simple enough concept and one the impenetrable Mrs C uses with my complete support as an aid to purchasing.

So here’s how it works.

The lovely Mrs C (she might read this) stalks the rails of Age Concern or Scope or somesuch and holds up a garment for me to look at as though my thoughts are the slightest bit relevant.

“How much?” I occasionally ask.

“£6” she might reply.

“Will you ...

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Also by John Coopey:


For the Better

For the Better


On my study wall hangs a portrait

of a man, his son and a family of refugees

Walking with their meagre possessions

Syrains in a foreign land; a people in despair

They are displaced souls the victims of civil war

this family is one of millions throughout the world

crossing borders, leaving family and friends behind


Can any good come from such a trage...

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Also by keith jeffries:

A Collage of Autumn | A Reason | One of Many | You´re Living in the Past | Nan´s Kitchen | Loathing | Bigger and Better Bombs | In Love | No Frontiers | History in Denial |

I meant to delete this too

You say you hate to fall asleep on the phone.

It doesn’t give you “closure”


I'm starting to know what you mean when this,

this feels like falling asleep on the phone.


Like when I think about you there’s still a poem.

And I want so desperately to not need you but 

sometimes I want to draw you into my notebook.


This feels like openness in its worse sense.

Like ...

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Humanity has three partners in "L"

Which it foolishly tries to boss,

When the trick is to treat each wisely and well:

Living - and Loving - and Loss.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The Controlled Demolition of the Handshake

The Controlled Demolition of the Handshake: A Brief Historical and Esoteric Essay on the Extinction of Trust Through Ancient Psychological Warfare Regarding the Ritual of Peace Commonly Referred to as The Handshake

The dying art of the Handshake has almost lost itself entirely to theatrics and the common person has lost a part of themselves along with it      The significance of the Handshake i...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

Psyop Blues | Little Bambie Snowdon Wants To Come Home But The Porridge Is Still Too Hot | I was Spiritually Molested On POF and It Made Me Think Of Proverbs 6:28 | Gnostic Transcryptions | Unconditional Love Will Kill Us All | Rev0luti0n |

Food and Drink

Sitting here, a nice cool beer

Sound of voices, many choices

Condiments laid out, salt and pepper

mayo, salad cream, taste seems better

Crazy size menu, fish, meat, curries and pies

Vegetarian, vegan and special diets

They’ll boil, braze, poach or fry it

If you want sides, they vary far and wide

Salads, chips, wedges and fries

A fish section, seafood, steaks and pizza’s


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Also by Rick Varden:

The Deepest Cut | Ode to a Toad |

...Take The Dive...

Dismantle again at the shore.

All the ruins and misogyny in your bones.

Tantrums come in waves in incomprehensible detailed notions; fragmenting for the selfless beauty.

Your agony embraces these hours.

The antiquity of soul lost in clocks drowns the withered…


Your body splashing over cold stones.

Fluorescent fish within depth dancing. Frantic to live...


Take the div...

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a Living Sacred Key

a Living Sacred Key

We search for a joyful light
and avoid the dark of night
that enables us to really see

light and dark are both the key
to having balance in this life
with joy, pain, love and strife.

Let us stop looking out there
when the answer lives here
within without and all about

the light and dark is me.
Breathe deep and know
I am a living sacred key.


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Also by Fred Nicholson:

Talking out loud. | imagine | Back yard buns | baggage carriers. | Sense | What's in it for me? | Spirit BackPack | the Visitor | "Hey Woman" | Crunches | You hear me? | Some times | Treasure Hunt | Color Matters | make believe love |

The date

Cheeky combination of a master with words
With a witty woman where intellect wonders
To succumb desire of succulent thunders
Yet maintaining hostage of sheltered hoods in herds

Chase away the demons, to find lovely housing
For a heart in warming and hands hardly roaming
But the inner man-child is hiding his foaming
As her beauty stuns him and her smile is rousing

Dare to say, connectio...

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The words I love you
It is hard to define when used commonly through habit or expressional politeness
Even politeness sincerity
To me it feels different even purer sincerity
A gentle kiss on my soul
To access my soul
You hold a key..with this
You hold the hammer to break the glass
To take the emergency supply
From I
The trickery of the overused three words
One sentence
Deeply unexplore...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

Praiseworthy Anthony |



don't wanna hear
the words
only gonna
doesn't matter
what we say
the day
our son
went away
can't face
let alone
anyone else
so what
happens now
does it matter
only have
the past
can't go
living on
too painful
for me
don't know how
we got here
caught up in
this nightmare
unable to
fully wake
like this we
can't st...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks

The political train is going off track


-->In the past

Martin Luther King Jr
Antonio Gramsci
Were waging a fight
For the observance of
Their likes' right,
Also like Frederik Engels
Crossing-floor or
Transcending class
There were some
Who were struggling
On the side of
The oppressed mass.

Proletariat internationalism
Their intent
The likes of Che Guevara
Ho Chi Minh ,Castro
Proved freedom fighters
Beyond th...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Resilient Ethiopia | Poli(trik)ians |

evilphony politicianspolitical humor

The Bus Stop

entry picture

A woman at the bus stop wears a candy striped skirt. 
It billows around her a la Marilyn Munroe

and puts me in mind of pink candy floss and a fun fair.

Soft, silver silhouettes sway gently against the whiskery wood.

Sharp railing spikes look ready to pierce any shadows with their fierce arrow heads.

And then they are gone behind a cloud.

Ginger, lime and gold lollipops hang from th...

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Also by Jill Ashforth:

Autumn Smokers |

Bus stopleavesMarilyn Monroemodern buildingsold buildingsshadowstrees


Who needs stars when we have our own?

Has anyone ever realized we're shining back?

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Also by Masen:

"Love" | Why Men Love Sex | Corrupted |


Raking autumn leaves 

the color of sea stars 

mottled on moist ground 


I watch them fall 

spinning slowly through blue sky 

as if the breeze was a tide 

ebbing and rising 


the rake feels like a paintbrush 

collecting color 

muddied by mixing 

into a fall palette 


a still life with fruit 

pears and apples still unblemished 

on branch attached 


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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

Tired | The Sound of Dreams | The Visit | Small Change | Fall |

Sunday morning


A man said to me

You might be


At how I look 

(I wasn’t)

You might think 



For different 


(I didn’t) 

You might think 

My way 

Is not the way

That it is 

(I wouldn’t)


Yet he seemed 


In his own 

Dressed up 


With his hair clip 

In place

And his bandana 


To hide


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Nights no longer spent together,

no more dusk to dawn events which

drew us down, hand in hand, to and

then along the promenades of sleep,

start to end, we alone, outside unseen;

no motor movements (I saw none),

save two hearts each gently experimenting,

pressing, caresssing two firm pulses

slow-waltzing together in perfect time

and pirouetting as their...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


The Thinker and The Drinker

He was always wishful thinking

Stymied only by his drinking

Oh the thoughts his mind did throttle

To be washed away by that next bottle

If only he could see the truth

Not hide behind one hundred proof

Let those thoughts be free and clear

Instead of drowning them with beer

A mind so brilliant and so pure

Yet serenity for him, obscure

Those wishful thoughts, they cause ...

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

He Plays Guitar | Leaves | I Fell Today | TRUTH |


Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

I fought my way out of a paper bag

Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

With the strength of thought I never had

Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

Depression has also took the  hit

Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

Never thought I'd get rid of it

Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

I fight my way through the day 

Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

With a smile and a winning way

Pow ! Pow ! Pow !

Not a single  punch or blow 


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Also by Philip Stevens:

Monday Morning sigh | The domestic critique' | The Jug | Staying in | Shouting ! |

One for Halloween

The night draws near upon me

In the shallowness of my breath

I wade the deepest water

Towards my finale rest

The sun does shine above me, but;

no shadow do I cast, 

for now I am the spectre 

That in death will never rest

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coffee | litany | barrage | hues | crucible | sun and moon | incessant |

Blind Gifts

In saddened eyes,

The fellow walks,

In-between water and sunshine.


A billowing shadowed figure,

Hustling to the day-break,

In crinkled pajamas.


A pyramid of legacy,

The plaintiffs holding judgment,



But there is no wall that cannot be broken,

No hurdle without the steps,

The hand of a poker player…


Born without hands,

Deal me anot...

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Also by Alita Moore:

Creaking chairs and crunching leaves | Criss cross patches | Is it real? |

Was i even important

entry picture

I cant believe this happened again, how did this happen again

You were so good to me but all of a sudden you just freely left

Was it hard for you to leave, to leave me in the dark

Damn, im still in shock that you just put your car in park.

I know your friend committed suicide, but thats not why u left

You just flat out didn't want me and used that as an excuse, excuse or not

It w...

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Also by Stacy Eskin:

Broken promises | Thank You | Let go | Lost |

Our Father

Our Father

whom we greatly trust is in heaven,

respected be thy name,

as we should respect

the names of other gods.

Do not tarry long in coming

as thy will is not being done on earth,

though hopefully in heaven.

Give everyone their daily bread

and forgive us our many sins

only if we sincerely repent

and do not repeat them.

Help us to avoid the evil temptation


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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Sea Changes |


How they have fallen,
Laying thick,
Pressing the jostling grass
Under them.
Obliterating it from sight.
Their browns and yellows brighter
Than the grey above.
Achieving a moment of glory,
In death a dominance.
Looking up to freed branches
Framing veiled light,
Had they thought to fly,
Letting go their source of life?
How they have fallen!


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Also by afishamongmany:

Party Time |



Some truths are hard to conceive

Beyond what I’m able to believe

The joy remembered as tears we cried

How is it 35 years since Ian Curtis died?



A man who once lived in Macclesfield, this poem was written in May 2015


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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

The Old Straight Track | Eyes Open Wide |

#poetry #joy division

I know all decorated lies,

And fashioned camouflage.

You are an ocean of lies

or an expertise of saleable emotions.

Its an ancient tale.

Every poet can feel.

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The Mask | Don't Bargain | Pity |

Shirdi Sai Baba

I found

In the apartment weed garden of Eden

A sun-Bleached Statute Of Shirdi Sai Baba

Weedwacker wounded

Hemorrhaging styrofoam

Abandoned by the immigrant Indian family he guided over the perilous ocean to aMerica.

I bondoed his wounds

And sprayed Fat Bollywood colors over his coat.

His skin tone I left to a true artist to paint.

Then I placed him on a pedestal

So he...

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Also by Michael Triandafils:

My Muse | Eulogy for an ex-CIA Agent | Two Desert Poems | Sharpei Skin | Dear Fundamentalist Friend | Song Production | Bottle | The Ballad of Pablos Juan | To The Subject of Every Photo Taken Before 1900 |

Sand, sand castle and me

Oh the mesmerizing sand,
I so tried to be with you.
But you belong to the beach.

I also knew it,
yet I attempted,
and build the sand castle

Imagining it a true castle,
I desired many dreams,
And you stayed for few more moments.

Unless the wave,
that brought me back to reality,
what I was aware yet unaware.

And sand went back,
to the beaches,
where it belong.

I still hoped,

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Untitled (misfits)

Other children taunted and teased, the playground at recess a sounding board for their righteous assumptions. I used to care very very very much, but one day, Alice approached me from behind to show me a rabbit hole she’d discovered in the soccer yard, tucked away in a corner beside a fence barring us from the outside world. I could see the Cheshire’s grin from deep within the darkness, also taunt...

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Also by Emilia Callahan:

Untitled (ghostwriter) | gobbledygook | Untitled (cold water) | Olive | Untitled (on the field) |

In Which Orgasms are Compared to Musical Elation

Sometimes when musicians finish
A piece that has gone well, they let out a
Combination sigh and laugh that
Expresses relief and pure joy.

It’s the same laugh you hear from
Women who have had a satisfying
Orgasm, enhanced by a slight tinge
Of guilt for being unduly blessed.

Of course, these laughs are never
Unwarranted. In both cases,
Substantial effort is required
To produce an even...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Dominatrix, Doyenne, Shaman | In Unironic Praise of Older Women |


The Precariat Of London


Nobody knows the percentage
of the world population
heading for London where 
the streets are paved with gold.

Those who have arrived
have condemned their own homes.
Along darkened alleyways now
they stoop and scrape for their gold.

Any avatar stood on Waterloo bridge
might admire the art of the sunset.
Old Man Thames will turn to blood
after passing through urban gold.


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

With Or Without God | Crow and I | Make The Blues News | These Islanders | In The Mansions Of Memory | Yours Sincerely | A Poem |


The thought that terrifies me the most, is that you might fade away.

I will take all the pain and heartache in the world, over not being able to remember all the key things.

Your laugh, your smile, your smell,

I can’t bare these things to ever leave my memory.


It angers me on days when I don’t think about you enough,

It worries me that I don’t always automatically cry.

I nev...

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Also by Ashleigh Davies:

Celebrations | Problems | Your House | Memory Box | Funeral | Emotions | Chair |

Pick a Part

Something is a foot

The Answer is right at hand

Eye haven't seen anything like it

It could be a hairy situation we kneed two finger out

we kneed two move forward a head

Be brave and stick out our necks

support the arches and eat at Mcdonalds

Some things are hard to swallow, like Adam's apple

There's nothing funny about my tennis elbow, but it is Humerus

Be hip but don't ...

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The Butterfly Effect

entry picture


The butterfly effect is the idea that tiny things

have a non-linear impact on a complex entity

Imagine, in Brazil a butterfly flaps its wings

Creating a hurricane in a Mexican City


I lack the mental capacity and mathematical intellect

To grasp the finer points of the Butterfly Effect

But I do know this, when you walk in the room

My ticker goes shicka-licka, shacka-la...

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Also by John McDonough:

This Chemical Romance | Love Me Tinder Love Me Do ... Looking For Love In The Modern Age |

Horses and Castles

entry picture

I wish you horses and castles, royalty and peace 

But you’ll just move forward, into defeat 

The pawns are the masters, and they are the slaves.. they

Allow the king and queen, on board to play 

Without which the game, would not be the same 

Without which, who, would take all the blame? 

Working and striving, for a better life 

Blood sweat and tears, and still we fight 


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Also by Connie Walter:

Time |

chessfreedomfreedom is slaverygameGeorge OrwellgreedinequalityinjusticejusticeknowledgeLifemastersorwellpawnpeaceplayerpowerslaveryslaveswarwar is peacewealth

Love Me

Let's be randy bad old dears

Then replay our younger years

Me in my chrome bath chair

I'm really sure that we dare


Make love to me cause I'm old and shocking

Feel free to peel off my elastic stockings

I'll cover you in baby oil

Rub you down and burst your boil


Oil my wheels and bring me gin

Show me how to do a spin

Take me over my zimmer frame

Don't forge...

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I stare at you across

the empty, scorched desert

that has appeared so gradually

and so imperceptibly between us.

The mirage that we were has evaporated,

been engulfed in desiccated emotions

now lingering in the vacant space,

hanging like a burning haze,

scorching our skin,

hung out to dry.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Silent Poison | A wind blowing through a life | Nude descending a staircase |


I saw the lights switch off and on


The pressure pushes down
On the children

They respond by 
Creating a future 

We’ll never understand

And whether we help them
Or hurt them it’ll make no difference

As it won’t be a world 
We’ll be welcome in

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Needless To Say | Me(me) | get away from the mess | The art of flim | #2 | Your cheatin’ heart | It stinks | warning: poetry spam | bathroom pass |


Opportunities to the left and right

Not a single talent or desire in sight

Sitting inside lettin out a sigh 

Running out of time 

What's the meaning of this life

Who was I meant to be?

Who do I yearn to be?

Not a single answer in my mind

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Time when you convince yourself

that you are in a blissful ignorance 

Only deepens the unconscious 

The desire to be someone better 

To be somewhere else 


The mediocrity of a given situation

Leaves you in a bind

Where the only solitude 

You can find is desolation


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Waking to see autumn's lustre

lit on my beech


rust leaves gilt glowing

red gold bathed by


a rising sun's first grasp

of day.


Turning to see gold amber cirrus

low light the east -


beneath a darker grey purple

cloud bruise


that golden gleam of

dawning dawn.


So my sad grey purple dreams

dawn dim


their dark ghosts disconnect ...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Autumn Rain | Dark Lullaby | The Sterling Castle, 1703 |


I don't drink much

Buy when I do

I find honesty is easy to do

I realize people

Don't think much of me

Because I've chosen

To live my life fiddle dee dee

I'm no achiever

I'm just rot on a log

And I'm okay 

Cuz I'm happy mostly

But when I'm not

It's cuz the eyes have bored

Into my skin

Usually thick with stones

So what can I say 

Right now my blood sat...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Self Discovery With What the Dolphins Lost - Reject Entry | Everything Will Be Alright | October |

Nasaktan ka kasi ganon ka kasaya

Nasaktan ka kasi ganon ka niya pinasaya.Nasaktan ka kasi umaasa ka na babalikan kapa niya.Nasaktan ka kasi minahal mo siya nang subra.Na aalala mo paba nung sinabi mo na ako lang sapat na.Na aalala mo paba nung panahon na ako pang ang nang jan para pasayahin ka.Umaasa ako kasi akala ko na nang jan kapa.Pangalawang sakit nang puso ko ay yung napaka daming tao sa mundo hito parin ako naiiwang mag is...

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just being myself

I am myself in how I act and react yet...

I'm too cold


I'm too much


I'm too direct


I'm too aloof


I'm too needy

Which is it? 

Whatever it may be, it's not important how you see me any more.

If I was important to you, you would take me whatever I may be.

I am just being myself

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The haunting

2am is haunting 

It’s terrible and frightening and daunting 

I lay here wondering, pleading, begging crying hoping and eventually ... defeating 

Backwards and forwards about where our love is 

It used to be so bright I could barley see anything else 

It used to light up cities and sky’s 

Now I’m desperately running my hand across the bare floorboards, sobbing and praying to find ...

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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

Gave enough |

A Disease Called Power

entry picture

I will begin by pointing out that this is not intended to be a partisan political statement, to offend or attack anyone in particular. I write and express what I feel and observe, as a simple citizen. I intend to declare my pain and astonishment seeing that my country is being systematically destroyed and its people humiliated and decimated. In the last 2 years nearly 4 million have emigrated, not...

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Also by Noris Roberts:

My tears | I felt like a woman | Only 10% |



The evening sun scorches the shade.

The trees, in their glade, are forced to choose;

Stand tall and brave - or turn to crave

the cool safety of the dusk.


Like soldiers from another age, they are proud and tall,

Defenders of nature with their all.

Their bark tells the story, of seasons full of change.


Frost. Ice. Mud. Heat. Few, then a lot... of peoples feet.



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Silky Skies

Silky skies

and lazy days 

Of azure blue 

the beat of wings 

and the flutter of a dream, 

Take a breath 

and remember this moment 

To warm you in the coldest of days 

Return to this moment 

Again and again 

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The Barque of Us

Should the barque of us go adrift

Let us berth to the harbor of us, my dear

Though the times and tides may shift

the miles marked together-a bridge to pier.

And if you’re too weary to climb ashore

I myself shall come and meet you at sea-

-be an island for you…Be a buoy for me!

Thus now and always and forevermore.

And if the flax ties that bind us come undone and loose

I ...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Player |

Sick day


The gray clouds moved in

All colours fainted away

Everything now black and white, no just black


I can’t breathe can’t think

Somehow can still grasp

The true meaning of misery


I can’t smell can’t feel

Somehow can still sense

The wind of despair


A man’s cold

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Also by Jeannot:

Park bench contemplation | War and peace | Reaching out | Deconstruction | No replay | Simple song |

1 in 8 billion

A special somebody

To illume your days

And embellish your life

In a myriad of ways.


In a throng universal

Someone  chose YOU

To stand with, on summits

And in valleys too.


In times solitary

Never truly alone

For their heart synchronizes

The beat of your own.


With cosmic narcissism

Indeed, it is rare

To love and be loved:

What can compare?


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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

A Wilted Lily | Note to self | Stormy Weather | SCHADENFREUDE |

Never helpless

entry picture

Each of us is born magician,

but we should know how to

use our magic wand-------- Sania Zakir


Never helpless

Sunday, October 20, 2019

6:34 AM


Never under-estimate human brings

they are committed to bring

the miracles on the earth

for all of us to know the secrets and take easy breath


Human beings were never helpless

but kept t...

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entry picture

There's testosterone in the air tonight
My teenage son is spoiling for a fight
He relentlessly practices with his fists
Goading me and poking me, he never quits
In socks or trainers he measures up
The endless tale of the old dog and the young pup
With youth and vigour, optimism and cheek
He probes my guard telling me I'm fat and weak
And when we struggle and grip
When my back aches and my...

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Also by Peter Ridgway:

Stiletto | The beast | Hide | Communication |


i am nothing

i have a life, but im not living it

i feel like im passing right through it 

there is no excitment

no happiness

...no real happiness at least;

you know, like the kind of happiness that lasts for a few days, weeks, or even months

im lucky if i have a happy moment that lasts a few hours


it's never enough

i'm never enough.


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Also by yajaira:

byeeee |


My flower – do these blemishes you taint?
Do they betray the canker's cold caress
and call the sunset on your loveliness?
Does Mortality its crimson paint?
Whose bite corrupts your petals - chaste and quaint -
what serpent's loathsome lips might you aggress?
Have you been licked by creeping frostiness -
fatal embrace in which so soon you faint?
I've wondered much - but no – some spots reve...

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Also by Christopher Laverty:

Bird Of Destiny | Modern Bards | On Visiting North Devon In October |

blemishes poem by chris laverty

A darker shade of grey

I sit here and think without a blink

you fill my memories old

my stale tears, stained to grey

the once beautiful now in decay

Our garden in ruins

our bright red roses

petals dry







We have stopped the rain

my emerald green weep

another day

a darker shade of grey

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Also by Alta H Mabin (Ally):

Crashing waves |


First person, singular, London n. 1


means Abandon

No inibition

No frustration

No coalition

You wake up one day and without any sense

you're not sure if you love it or you're tense

Could be addiction

to the city's emission

if you're lucky, tuition

but oveall a sort of contrition

You want to be in that rollercoaster because it is actually a damn ride

but after that you won't be able to hide.


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Also by Polutropos:

First person, singular, New York | First person, singular, Agra, India | Severe nights |

#london #city #run #fast #speed

To my muse

Hey you; my handsome button. I haven’t been on my poetry page in quite some time. Looking back at all my writings, i am reminded all of the pain I’ve endured and loops I’ve jumped across, or fell over, per se. Fuck- what a crazy 28 years of life I’ve lived. I’ve moved around some, and experienced some interesting things. Ive learned a lot...about a lot. I’ve felt a lot more than i ever fathomed. I...

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Also by Dana Lee:

Lights |


A plunging neckline revealing pale white flesh,

A necklace. Two necklaces.

Heavy and delicate gold, glistening against skin, adorned with pretty jewels,

Pretty gems,

To attract, distract.

And that smile,

That delicious smirk,

Tasty enough to crave a sample of the flavour.


Cherry red lips,

Lipstick stains on pearly white teeth.

A sharp grin beneath lidded...

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Today was another wasted day

That wilted as it drew to a close.

Energy ran away to where happiness was hiding.

Productivity was taking a nap, hope was in the pub.


Dreaming of a clear day, of a clear mind.

Tears blur clarity and vision.

So I will sit back down, waiting for the gift.

The gift of a new day full of new opportunities.

Full of chances to make you proud.

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Also by Clara:

That's right baby | Jack in the Box | yellow |

Yun sufinama

Na tord mujhey tu itna

Ki phir mujhmey tootney ko kuch baqee hee na rahey


Na chord tu mujhey tanha

Ki tanhai ki panha mey hi baqee umar guzarti rahey


Na pardh mujhey tu itna

Ki sunnaney ko koi dastan mujhmey baqee na rahey


Na krwa intezaar tu itna

Ki inteezaar mey hee baqee zindagi guzarti rahey



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Someone to miss me

Preamble: this is a little ditty inspired by the beautiful but slightly puzzling song "Te Manquer" by Grand Corps Malade, with its refrain (in English) "I just want you to miss me".

Do I want someone to miss me
Or is it enough to know
There are folk that will miss me
The day I have to go?

Do I want someone to miss me
Or would I rather share
My time with those that would miss me
But don...

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Also by Becky Who:

Climate change? |

grand corps maladeLove

sea to song

entry picture

effective myth, metaphor, & mysticism transcend

semantic efforts to articulate dynamics erupting

dreamlike amidst more trusted, linear conceptions

of reality, imagination, experience, & being


by presenting arrangements so engaging, uncannily

familiar, irreducibly insightful, idealogically slippery,

that the foamsplash suddenness of its crashing

across a previously unnotic...

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King of Swords –The High Priest – Authority, rationality, sound advice

entry picture

King of Swords –The High Priest – Authority, rationality, sound advice

Interpretation: The king of swords represent a strong Willed man with a perceptive intelligence. He is the supreme ruler of his domain and he is extremely steadfast in his ways. He rules with a firm and dominative hand and stand supplanted in beliefs. He rules with his head and not his heart which often leads to having to ma...

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Also by RaVeN Mathews )0(:

Queen of Swords – The High Priestess – Intelligence, solitary, a strong Willed woman. | Knight of Swords – The Warrior – The hero, a righteous anger | Page of Swords – Messenger – Quick thinker, unexpected news | Ten of Swords – Defeat – Complete stabbing in the back, an irrevocable ending | Nine of Swords – Despair – Night terrors, suffering, a sense of misery | Eight of Swords – Fear – I just can’t, Restriction, bondage | Seven of Swords – The Thief – Stealth, deception, unexpected behaviour | Six of Swords – Rite of Passage – Leaving troubles behind, brighter days ahead | Five of Swords – Wounded pride – Negative energy, the Nyaa-nya-nyaa-nyaaa | Four of Swords – A restful place - A place of sanctuary, a place of peace | Three of Swords – Tears and woe – A bleeding heart, a Necessary cutting | Two of Swords – Balance – a sense of being Immobilised, blindfolded and impasse. | Ace of Swords – Victory – The Sword of Righteousness. A sense of power and strength in adversity. |

penny for a lost thought

entry picture

sat at the edge of a lonely penny
are slivers and swatches that bled
of a memory that had been misled
over and over, one time too many 
its feet dangle, toes wriggling, tickling
as would villi, but on the outside
of a famished yet entertained belly



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Date Night

Date night, great night

dance until it’s late night

almost till the dawn’s light

still there’s stars that shine bright


Bad way next day

hangover from hell day

nightmare on the subway

wish I’d stayed in bed day


So tired, still wired

feeling listless, uninspired

workload’s got me so mired

worried that I’ll get fired


Eyes burn, guts churn

dizzy wi...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

The Brexit Dance | Grammar-Nazi |

Betterment is not illusive

Happiness capturing missilery fireworks

brightly shower the ethereal darkness: like ambitions

must not be grounded

but released enabling them to reach full heights

of possibility

even if their descending embers, matching failure

threaten to ignite despair.


Nevertheless, they will still have been a must-be dare performed

a setting alight and burning to ashes of timorous...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

lingering wound | all the reparations you will ever need | abandoned declination of a stately house and gardens | ' real ' out of mind experience | child's death in black and white | subterraneously shuffling | eviction | and it didn't get any better | of a snuffing out | Fox and THEY | prima in waiting |

Daily Grind

When summer holidays end

you're an adult and then 

depression fades and you

feel ok; you have no reasonable

excuse  to take a day.


You see your self awareness

becoming so that you feel 

no is not an option; too much

reel from phoning in sick; can't

be a dick and just explain away 


In that fake and feeble voice like

you once did; couldn't put a lid

on y...

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Also by Andromeda Bloom:

For fucks sake | Incomprehensible | In a world full of people |

Small town girl

Small town girl with your voice so low

and your hopes even lower,

you keep on singing just the wrong verse.

Why is it that you never care?

You keep on counting only on false friends.

Why is it that your heart 's so bare?


Small town girl with your history so long

and a record even longer,

huddled in your hoodie.

What is it that you won't see?

With your right arm s...

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east Germanyno futureracismsuburbia

October 2019 Collage Poem: Don’t Pick up Hitchhikers

entry picture

At least 80

If I see tomorrow

I shall see the sunrise


The settlements were fragile,

Yet at the same time, strong


A descent into madness –

Resurfacing at Thursday Club


I’m always happy to stop for a hitchhiker

Over the years I’ve had

Elvis Presley and Lord Lucan as passengers

But everyone thinks I’m lying


Slender Man, Enderman, carrying things,


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Collage PoemHitch HikerOctoberStockport Write Out Loud

Happy Returns

Does anyone else but me wonder

when they look on Facebook

and see birthday celebrations

for dead aunts, uncles


brothers, wives...

that no, this cannot be


Because the dead cannot age

take that slap on the back

notch up years or candles on a cake

They're snuffed out, like we will one day be

They're gone forever

Just memories - hopefully good ...

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Who creates and who destroys?

The sun in the day,

The weeds in the garden, 

The wind breezing between the flowers,

The friend and the foe,

For these are heaven and hell, 

How I hold these in my bosom,

How I desire to be free from my sins,

How I desire to hold anger towards my foe, 

How I wish to blame others for my faults.

Then the sweet voice whispers,


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Serotonin Rag

Here doctor, here we all are, 

the lonely hearts of Blighty.

Hunched up in your waiting rooms.

Confused, broken and flighty.


I scream, 

you scream.

We all scream

for Dopamine!


Big Pharma they are all shouting, 

that we haven’t got enough.

They’ll dishing out chemical kisses,

and these tablets are the love.


I scream,

you scream.

We all scream...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

December 26th (after Vasko Popa) |

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