I Fell Today

It was a day like any other

  Until I fell

Not becaue I am clumsy or not paying attention

  I just fell

It was sudden, quick

In the bllink of an eye

   I fell

I did not trip, nor did I stumble

It seemed no obstacles were in my way

  Yet, I fell

Sudden fear, adrenalin

The feeling of weightlessness

  As I fell

Visions of pain filled my mind

Perhaps real damage

  Because of my fall

I held my breath

Braced for the impact

  Hoping that if I fall again it will not be this far






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Don Matthews

Thu 24th Oct 2019 08:24

Thalia, Phil - his loose tongue's always getting him into trouble. Silly boy.....


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Philip Stevens

Thu 24th Oct 2019 08:14

Flipant Don is on the Rhyme
Don, you need to he more careful
Words can trip you up see
And at times can be quite hurtful
Your imaginary stairs are not the cause
Its yout rhyming, reason and tell
Your tounges not tied, lips unsealed
Are the reason why you fell .....


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Don Matthews

Wed 23rd Oct 2019 22:16

Was climbing up my stairs today
(I don't have stairs, but need for rhyme)
I tripped (how bloody clumsy)
I do this all the time

But Lisa I am learning
To not so clumsy be
Each time I trip and fall down (these imaginary stairs)
The 'far' gets less, you see?



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Philip Stevens

Wed 23rd Oct 2019 18:28

Nah not on the rebound... just to higher state of mind....

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 23rd Oct 2019 10:40

Yes Phil...On the Rebound!

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Philip Stevens

Tue 22nd Oct 2019 19:47

When you fall, you bounce back Lisa

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 6th Oct 2019 16:00

Thank you Nigel and Branwell

Rose, there are many ways in which one can fall.

Graham, Tom, KJ, Jon, Jeannot, Branwell & Ian
I thank you also

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Rose Casserley

Sun 6th Oct 2019 13:13

what a poem! what a punchline!

Rose 💋

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branwell kent

Sat 5th Oct 2019 20:02

very good poem

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Nigel Astell

Sat 5th Oct 2019 15:26

Fell in love with this poem Lisa

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