I've spent days and weeks angry at the world 
Cross that people are carrying on
While I am trapped in this never ending cycle of grief

I have been in a bubble
All consuming, encompassing 
Hard to escape

Until today
Until one blog post made me realise
Other people have problems too

Other families are having to deal with grief too
Some more devastating then I can even imagine

My pain has not lessened. 
I miss you with all my heart
But today I understood, other people's pain is just as important. 
Perhaps we can all help each other.

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Don Matthews

Fri 11th Oct 2019 23:49

Sharing tends to always lesson pain....trouble is society seems to have become more individualistic, not wanting to share, political correctness, worried what others might think etc. You know the story. We're losing/lost that community-family-togetherness feeling....sad

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