Do you ever want to 
hold on to a moment 
because it feels divine?

A moment when the stars align, 
and everything is fine. 

A moment when you make peace 
with your past, and your pain. 

A moment when there is 
no sorrow, no shame.

A moment when fear
takes a hike.

A moment when the sky is clear, 
the air is forgiving,
and sun shines bright. 

A moment when everything 
feels so right. 

A moment when you savor 
the elixir of life.

An ultimate high,
without a vice.

A moment when your spirit dances 
like there's no end. 
Then the moment 
flutters off 
with the wind.

You wait patiently
for the moment
to return again.




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Fred Nicholson

Wed 16th Oct 2019 05:16

Beauti-fully composed.

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Fri 11th Oct 2019 03:54

Thanks so much for reading and your feedback Tom, Keith, and Fred. I love moments of awareness that poets capture and share.

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Wed 9th Oct 2019 13:03

Yes, yes I do ?

Very well said.

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keith jeffries

Wed 9th Oct 2019 10:46

One of the best poems I have read in sometime as it cannot help but raise one´s spirits and generate a sense of optimism.

Thank you for this

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