Pick a Part

Something is a foot

The Answer is right at hand

Eye haven't seen anything like it

It could be a hairy situation we kneed two finger out

we kneed two move forward a head

Be brave and stick out our necks

support the arches and eat at Mcdonalds

Some things are hard to swallow, like Adam's apple

There's nothing funny about my tennis elbow, but it is Humerus

Be hip but don't break a leg

Bear bones and rug

Just got to face it

Point your nose in the right direction

It's not Jaw dropping

It's Lickity split

Sometimes it's hard 

maybe I should be more private

keep it to myself, and not share with my pupils

Agent Molar looks fondlely at Skully  while they think threw an eary situation

Its good to be a stand up guy even it it shakes your nerves

hope you could spomach it and it wasn't to nippleling

when all else fails you can always count on your digits

Eyed like to put a lid on it and not lash out

 gas eye will expel it and try not to make a stink

Eye sphincter gone too far

Eye ant being cheeky, just not going to sweat it

Bloody heel kneed eye say more, we all gotta liver

eye knott kidneying you





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New Shoes

Sat 9th Nov 2019 06:57

thanks guys, forgot most of it. gave myself a good laugh at myself on reading it again.


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Don Matthews

Sat 26th Oct 2019 22:46

'when all else fails you can always count on your digits'

Nice line......


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Lisa C Bassignani

Sat 26th Oct 2019 20:26

Eye think this is very cool

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