Small town girl

Small town girl with your voice so low

and your hopes even lower,

you keep on singing just the wrong verse.

Why is it that you never care?

You keep on counting only on false friends.

Why is it that your heart 's so bare?


Small town girl with your history so long

and a record even longer,

huddled in your hoodie.

What is it that you won't see?

With your right arm streched up to the sky,

what is it that you can't reach?


Oh, small town girl, don't you know your great-grandma was a refugee, too?

Don't you know your grandma tried so hard to get through?

Don't you know your mum grew up in a country you never knew?

Oh, small town girl, can't you see?

You're the one supposed to be free!


Small town girl with your eyes shut tight

and your fists clenched even tighter,

chanting simple slogans.

Who is it that you're trying to attrackt?

With your shiny silver knuckles,

who is it that your planning to attack?


Small town girl does not turn up for school anymore.

Small town girl won't come around.

Small town girl spilled somebodys blood on the floor.

Small town girl goes underground.


Small town girl with a torch burning bright,

full of hatred burning even brighter,

bowing your pale head in pain.

Who do you think you can deceive?

Regurgitating myths of pride and freedom.

Who do you think is ever going to believe

 - you?

east Germanyno futureracismsuburbia

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