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May 7, 2031



the world’s last surviving female orangutan,

died yesterday

at New York’s Central Park Zoo.

Two other orangutans,

both male,

are still live in zoos

in Paris and Beijing;

Greta’s death

marks the end

of further possible procreation

and signifies

the official extinction

of the species.


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 11th Oct 2019 16:35

Don - thanks for the show-biz encouragement! Not sure I could manage to drum up personal enthusiasm for your concept but it's
certainly not beyond someone's capability, judging by what gets
produced for entertainment nowadays.
A working title could be - Funky Monkey Cock-Up ! 😎

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Don Matthews

Fri 11th Oct 2019 15:08

You gotta have foresight to be a good entrepreneur John. I'll be sure to send you an invite when the musical comes to town.....😎

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John Coopey

Fri 11th Oct 2019 15:05

You’re on to something there, Don. Not sure what.

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Don Matthews

Fri 11th Oct 2019 09:27


Gotta song idea for you to work on

Cockwork ranga bang bang bang
Ranga cockwork one, two, three
Bother! Wrong, there's just two girls
Cockwork ranga please do me

Last line sung by two backing singer ranga girls

You should be able to get ranga grunts, oohs, aahs from online Ranga Sound Library. Surely?

Then approach for movie deal. Throw in a few baby rangas for kiddies. Family fun. Last line may need fine-tuning. Disney?

Then comes the musical. Your name in lights. Would not advise seeking advice from JC. He can't tell a he ranga from a she ranga.

I'll be your agent. Small percentage of royalties.


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Don Matthews

Thu 10th Oct 2019 23:04

Now that's a different direction your mind is taking MC......😎

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 10th Oct 2019 21:24

If Stanley Kubrick was still around making films we'd probably have
"A Cockwork Orangutan" ! A horror story of future times.

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John Coopey

Thu 10th Oct 2019 16:08

Thanks for your further thoughts, Don and Trevor for the “Like”.

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Don Matthews

Thu 10th Oct 2019 12:21

Poor Greta got bit mixed-up
Thought she was a he
Vets said on her deathbed
Greta, you're a she

(Greta - shock horror...)

Poor ranga she had lived her life
Like a biker, tough
Never once examined bod
When she was in the buff

So we can't blame poor Greta can we? 😋

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John Coopey

Thu 10th Oct 2019 12:09

I think if their survival depends upon preserving the sperm of threatened species it kind of makes the case for those trying to save the world, Don.
And you are quite right about the confusion of gender. I originally wrote this with the dead ‘un being female and the two coffin dodgers being male. But when I changed it I forgot about the name I’d given her. I’ve edited it back now.

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Don Matthews

Thu 10th Oct 2019 11:27

Allow me to be both flippant and logical John.

You obviously didn't pick up on the newsflash of May 8.reassuring orangutan lovers around the world that Greta's copious sperm had been saved and frozen for his two ladyloves Gretel and Garbo.(You sure it was Greta John? Sounds a bit suss for a male...)

Thinking logic John, if you and Gert were the only two humans left, do you not think they would neglect to let your precious stuff go to waste? The continuation of our entire species would rest on your shoulders ......😋

On the other hand I could have missed the whole point of your poem which wouldn't surprise me......

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