Indoctrination and radicalisation

instruments in the hands of evil men

Distorted political ideologies and religious zealots

creators of inferiority and superiority

Where many are deprecated and made worthless

who are persecuted or even exterminated


In the name of Righteousness

by the self righteous

From those in power

the manipulators


Arbitary executions and genocide

the hounding of the innocents

Mass forced migration and camps of death

Evil is in charge, apparent and unconcealed

women and children also taste the gas


From those in power

the manipulators

the politicians

evil made manifest


Non believers and believers alike are sought out

excommunicated and given to damnation

Threatened with the sea of sulphur

forced to convert or face death

Coptics decapitated

Gays thrown off the highest buildings


From those who speak 

in the name of God

From the Righteous 

and the Just

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Candice Reineke

Sat 5th Oct 2019 04:16

Wow. Powerful piece, Keith! World history is marked by radicalized people blatantly acting out of sheer evil, in the name of righteousness. And history keeps repeating itself. 😔

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Don Matthews

Sat 5th Oct 2019 04:07

Nicely presented Keith. I like the short 4-line 'interuptions' between...

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