I Miss My Corner Grocery Shop

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I Miss My Corner Grocery Shop


I miss my corner grocery shop

Where I could stop and chat

Gone, bulldozed, replaced with flats

And that my friend is that


Gone, my friendly corner shop

These flats don't stop and chat

Gone is idle conversation

And that my friend is that


But wait, a supermarket's come

Has groceries on tap

But conversations are not sold

And that my friend is that


Market trolleys bustle

Here and bustle there

Too on guard re stranger-danger

Chit-chat scared aware


Conversation face to face

(Like in my corner shop)

Is being lost to text by phone

When will this ever stop?


When will society wake up

Connect back face to face?

I miss my friendly corner shop

It's gone. It's left no trace


They say I should move with the times

Embrace its this and thats

Balance is fine, but this is mad-

Ness. And that is that


Don Matthews August 2019

◄ Edna (Stavely Makepeace 1970)

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Becky Who

Thu 17th Oct 2019 15:49

I really like this Don. Very observant and poignant.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 17th Oct 2019 12:01

I like this style Don, great topic to bring to our attention. We are all so grateful for a corner shop during Christmas time. In my area there are still a few corner shops but the emergence of a massive Tesco zapped a lot of business. I liked your line 'conversations are not sold'. I once ended up chatting to a stranger for an hour in a supermarket after I helped him find a magazine lol. In a world where many of our jobs may potentially be replaced by robots, it is so important now more than ever that we learn how to be more human.....and learn a thing or two from dogs as well! 😁

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 17th Oct 2019 10:43

These small shops need support, that's for sure. On an upbeat
note, many still exist here in London, now run by those willing to
put in the long hours and offer stuff (and friendly chat) not always
found in the big shops that gather on the busier streets where
profit and traffic are in abundance (and also HIGH business rates!).
It's a question of "balance" and there is still room for both, even when
much is also bought online. My nearest corner shop - primarily a
newsagent that also sells confectionery, toiletries, bread, milk, cakes
and a wondrous range of household sundries that are usually missing from supermarkets - seems to be getting along well enough. Long may it continue...along with the friendly local pharmacy just around the corner.

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Thu 17th Oct 2019 09:42

Different style for you Don - almost an historical look back in time for many of us in the more inhabited areas of the UK - liked the interspersed repeat lines too. It chugged along quite well. 👍

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Chrystel Roberts

Thu 17th Oct 2019 09:13

Sad but true, Don. Human relationships have become so clinical

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