Situation earth 2019

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Situation earth 2019


Forest fires in the artic,

And oceans full of plastic,

This environmental catastrophe,

Demands action that is drastic.


We have just 11 years,

To put right what is wrong,

Or our earth will be facing,

A very bitter swansong.


Our tots and our teens,

Are out protesting in our towns,

On policies of a corrupt Govt.,

Headed by a toxic clown.


A regime that cuts down trees,

And promotes fossil fuels,

Do they think they’ll send their kids to Mars,

Those money blinded fools?


There is no planet B for us,

So we’re on the streets for a peaceful fight,

We have got the people power,

So come on people – show your might

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eve nortley

Tue 8th Oct 2019 20:13

Thanks Don and Amelia for the thumbs up. Whilst i agree poets have a job to record history as it's happening like Don I think action is the Extinction Rebellion action around the UK. The poem was inspired by attending a ER Climate Change strike demo, where a six year old boy with a banner bigger than him, told me he had been to speak to his head teacher off his own bat, to ask for the day off to join the protest. She told him she was proud of him and the school would be proud of him! If you are interested you can join Extinction Rebellion on line, you don't have to go to protests just joining encourages the activists who are peacefully protesting on the streets.

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Don Matthews

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 13:53

'poets are the recorders of moments in history'

Yes, but they don't change history. They just observe and record.....

Emilia Callahan

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 13:41

I like the premise and title of this poem. It's very real, I wish more people would understand that action is needed, and needed now. Unfortunately, those in power only care to further pursue their own selfish desires, rather than thinking of the greater good. I had a professor in college (he's been teaching since the '60s!) tell us that poets are the recorders of moments in history. I think this poem, as well as others I've seen on here, do that well.

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Don Matthews

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 09:30

The only way I see change occurring is for a mass people movement led by a strong leader forcing politicians into doing the wishes of the people.

While feeling good, us poets waxing lyrical won't change a thing.

What are you doing poet
Standing on your roof?
Waxing loud and lyrical
My answer to you's 'poof'

But politician on your throne
We put you there on trust
Why aren't you paying attention ?
Our planet's going bust

I'm making lots of money
Got people in my pocket
No way I'll rock my comfy boat
My comfy boat? why rock it?

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