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Brexit psychosis

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Yesterday the first official case of a new mental issue termed 'Brexit Psychosis' was diagnosed, this will proberly continue long after the deal like a form of PTSD......


Brexit psychosis

A new type of 


Caused by

An atrocious osmosis

Of Nothingness!

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Don Matthews

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:54

Thalia's dancing round
Jangling poet bells
Proberly got Poets Blight
Shit, Rose, bloody hell

How do I handle this one Rose? You're a woman. I'm outa my depth....

Stop it Thalia. I'm asking Rose a serious question.....

But I'm your Muse of Mirth Don. I love you.....

Sheesh Rose. It's all your fault Ruth. Bloody Poetry Day. Bloody proberly.....?

<Deleted User> (9882)

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:36

ta chuck for the happy poetry day greeting and the same to you with inspirational bells on!

Rose ?

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Don Matthews

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:24

The Poetry Blight has struck
Shit and bloody fuck
Little me down south you see
Mother hen goes cluck

He's come unstuck.......


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:21

Whatever the doomsters may think or say
We've never suffered being "nothing" here in the UK. ?

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Nigel Astell

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:16

Dead Dead Dead

Brain cells go dead
till time to end
all deadlines - - - dead!

Happy Poetry Day Ruth!

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Thu 3rd Oct 2019 13:40

The truth .Poetry day theme

Jim told his wife the truth,
He was seeing a doctor called Ruth.
But Sally her truths she did rally
She was seeing a plumber down the alley,.
She was seeing a barman at the pub,
And a man called Boris at the club.
The problem evolved by telling the truth,
Jim left Sally and moved in with Ruth.

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Don Matthews

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 13:32

Good golly, this new form of illness
Involves some strange utter form of exit
I do hear clinics are being set up
To neutralise this Psychosis Brexit

Google one near you Keith.....?

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keith jeffries

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 13:13


Thank you for this as I have been diagnosed as having chronic Brexit Pychosis. I need to go and lie down now as I feel another attack coming on.


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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 11:59

Happy National Poetry Day To All in UK!?

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