Lettter To A Cousin


Your letter

describing your youth


and fond memories

of going to dances

as a young girl


must mean you are

finally feeling better

and on a good path toward healing

some comfort comes at last


I don't know how you do it

the chronic pain

the inability to do simple things

like walking to the mail box

or opening a jar


the crippling of hands and joints

the constant fatigue

would leave anyone in

a foul mood

a mood of despair and depression


yet you have been able to survive all this

and many more setbacks in your life

an abusive husband

the death of a child

the struggle to survive as a single mom

raising two boys on your own

most people would have given up long ago


how you did it

is a wonderment

and gives the rest of us pause

to stop and think about all we have

the good health we enjoy


I wish you well now

and in the future

and hope you will continue to improve

keep fighting this disease which has such

terrible consequences on body and soul


let your writing inspire you

let it help you

it is your remedy for your sickness and suffering

the very thing you need

to see you through


we all have the need to

put down in words what we feel inside

and writing is the best medicine you can have

share your thoughts



with that we close this letter

being thankful that you have improved

and in doing so

given the rest of us inspiration as well


life can be a hurting thing

yet life itself is our blessing.





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