Yezedi - 2014-2019


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Winter on Mount Sinjar in 2014,

By the Christian calendar.

That year lasted forever:

Such a long, long time ago,

Now the Turks have come

To do the work of Daesh

And the Sunni tribes and foreign Salafists

Conspire to kill the Yezedi, even in Lalish,

Our mouths expel a hidden heat

It is the soul of the Ezedi.

Never before has the sun

Filled us so full of tears

Though we have been persecuted

Since the killing-wind of Islam arrived

These particular torturers arrived in the night

Daesh rapists, Turkish rapists, 

Stole our daughters, killed our sons

The Salafists were here having fun.

Now we sing for all the dead

For all those whom we loved and lost

At such a heart-wrenching cost.

Why DO the wicked prosper?

Why is all we build reduced to rubble

On this the Nineveh plain?

Nothing can, ever-ever, be the same again.


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John Marks

Sat 12th Oct 2019 22:45

Thanks Ray. The Yezedi have been persecuted for the crime of not being Muslim for 1500 years. Unthinkable. Isn't it?

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Sat 12th Oct 2019 21:41

Hi John. While I am not familiar with the specific details of tribal wars and invasions, I can see the power behind this and the desperation, of the constant wearing down of family life and the terrible uncertainties and crimes embodied here. I understand there has been a withdrawal of American troops leaving an untenable situation here. David would have had more to say and more effectively. It appears that Islam is the main protagonist behind the thinking.

I can follow your commitment in a desire for resolution - however slim the possibility.


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