Hard Saddle, Hard Life


it ain't no fun

sittin on a hard saddle

for 12 hours straight

pushin steers up the trail

chokin on their dust

and smelllin their back ends

till you end up smellin like them


i wisht for a bath

and a beautiful woman

to wash away tons of trail dirt

and sooth my achin bones


it's a hard life

this cattle trail business

not the romance it's played up to be

but i caint forget to mention

the moon castin its mellow light

on the prairie at night

or the sound of Lobos

baying at the moon from a distant mesa

or the wild calls of the geese

wingin their way south

or the glow of the campfire

the warmth it brings on a cold night

or the mystery of fireflies

as they dance around our camp

or the millions of sparklin stars over our heads

as we bed down on blankets

and stare up into the heavens

all of which inspires a poor man like me


to think of the universe

and my humble part in it


i caint give it up

I am tied to this life forever.



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Hannah Collins

Sat 19th Oct 2019 22:47

Wonderful imagery. Really enjoyed.


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