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new year

Never ending roundabout discussions

Every reunion going nowhere

Endless frustrations with each repeat

Always about you, never about me

You never saw that but agreed when I said

You don’t need to respect my wishes for no contact

Just respect me

I respect me and nowhere together is now somewhere alone

Happier me

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just being myself

I am myself in how I act and react yet...

I'm too cold


I'm too much


I'm too direct


I'm too aloof


I'm too needy

Which is it? 

Whatever it may be, it's not important how you see me any more.

If I was important to you, you would take me whatever I may be.

I am just being myself

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Thoughts of you
Thoughts of lust
Things that you will do to me
Things that are a must 

Dreams of you 
Dreams of lust
Feelings that you will give to me
Feelings that are a must

Notions of you
Notions of lust
Desires that you will give to me
Desires that are a must

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not yet begun

Words of seduction 

More powerful than image

Lead to ultimate scrimmage

Time for introduction 

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Home for the holidays

Homecoming over white hills, blue waters

Inhale cool fresh air, exhale slowly to remember the sensation

Warm embraces from family and friends

Wood stove heat warms me to core, comforting blanket

View of the ocean, littered with sea ice waiting to form

Fishing boats resting for long winter ahead

Visits with old friends, laughter over coffee and sweets

Reminiscing, old times and...

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No time for it all

Must make time

Never ending cycle

Work, school, family, friends, chores, fitness, errands

Take away from sleep for chores

Take away from sleep for school

Take away from sleep for friends

No time for it all

Must make time

Running on the wheel of life

Work, school, family, friends, chores, fitness, errands

Take away from rest for family

Take awa...

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missing you

Missing you, since you've been away

Long to hear your mmm's and whispers

Soon again in my ear

Feel the vibrations, and your breath on my skin

For now it's words or face on a screen

The face I want to take in my hands and kiss

To forget about these separations, months at a time

Standing at the airport, waiting anxiously

To feel your arms around me as we meet

The crowd tur...

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So close

Yet so far away

All at the same time


So lonely

Yet so surrounded by love

All at the same time


So confused

Yet so clear

All at the same time


Close these gaps

Yet mend the lines

All at the same time

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As I seek the knowledge of the opposite sex
Pursue that Holy Grail. Will I profit greatly?
Seething under pressure of externals lately
Release me from the duress, conversations that vex

The hidden jewels stolen by an unknown burglar
Anxious uncovering of items in cellar
As the chest is broken to reveal propeller
Examining object brushing away splinter

Opening assets to thunderous effec...

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lip service

So much these days
Don't listen to what he says
It's just more of what I want to hear
Too many words I can't bear
Tell it to me straight
Not facts that I know you create
Why be nervous
Skip the lip service

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butterflies, where are they?

They should be there when I know I am seeing you.

They should be there when I hear you knock on my door.

They should be there when you kiss me hello.

They should be there when you hold my hand.

They should be there when our clothes fall to the floor.

They should be there but they aren't....

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the spoons

Sleeping soundly, little spoon to your big

Your soft lips, day old stubble on my neck

Your fingertips lightly grazing my hip

Slowly stirring from your gentle embraces

Pressing closer to you, feeling your arousal

You maneuver me to my back, your body covering mine

Kissing me deeply, my passion building to meet yours

Your arms around me, your chest pressing to me

Your legs sp...

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Stage is set...

Candles burning bright

Music playing low

Two people, two lives


Stage is set

Follow the script


Walk the aisle

Say I do

Two people, one life


Stage is set

Follow the script


Sunny, fun destination

Create a home

Two people, one life


Stage is set

Follow the script


Seed not growing

Distance born instead

Two people, two lives


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happy tears

Radio playing in the background as I do the Saturday chores

Dancing and humming, dusting and sweeping

Spring time breeze, open windows and fresh clean smells


A familiar melody and beat swirl around me

Remembering the words, smile on my lips

And my heart swells


Suddenly transported back to the same girl in teenage form

Dancing and laughing, summertime beach bonfire


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the little things

Unexpected hug as I cook dinner

A glancing touch as you walk by

A post it note by the door telling me to have a good day

A text out of the blue during the day

Taking my hand as we walk through the city

Surprise weekend away, just because

A bathtub full of bubbles drawn

Colourful flowers on the counter

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good morning

Slowly stirring from slumber deep

Open eyes, adjust to the dawn’s light

Lazily stretching limbs, emerging from under covers

Reaching over, his spot is empty and cool to the touch

How long has he been awake and gone?


Thinking he’s so sweet to let me continue my dreams

Hearing signs of life outside bedroom

Reaching for robe, sliding toes into slippers

Shuffling along, gr...

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Tender touch of fingertips

Exposed skin on neck

Soft moist kisses

Whispered promises of pleasure

Deep intake of breath

Sudden light flutters


Hands pulling me close

Mouth on my mouth

Deep possessive kisses

Pressed against the wall

Arms pinned over head

Breathless and craving


Turning me facing wall

Lifting dress to waist

Sound of zipper


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Memories of paradise

Blanket on the sand

Aqua blue water view

Sun and breeze caressing skin

Never want this to end


Toes in the sand

Walking into the ocean

Waves and currents on skin

Never want this to end


Wind on the water

Seabirds in the sky

Palm tree shade on skin

Never want this to end

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your story

Pen to paper

Fingers to keys

No matter what road chosen

However you please


Tell your story

Bare your soul

No matter what part first

Release your whole

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the emptiness hurts
like a blade turning deep
dull aching, tearing me apart

silence is overwhelming
lack of words hurting more than a million
deafening emptiness

painful waves lap at my heart
reminding me of its broken pieces
wondering if it will ever heal enough to give it away

darkness all around -- closing in cutting me off
no one to hear my scream
no one to wipe my tears
no one no ...

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Words sending chills down my spine
Should I let him be mine
Tempting, so tempting

Images causing burning butterflies
There will be no ties
Tempting, so tempting

Words and images swirling alongside
Should I let him inside
Tempting, so tempting

Holding the cards, poker face
Cat and mouse, end this chase
Decide, must decide

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