Queen of Swords – The High Priestess – Intelligence, solitary, a strong Willed woman.

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Queen of Swords – The High Priestess – Intelligence, solitary, a strong Willed woman.

Interpretation: The queen of swords represents a strong woman, a confident quick witted intelligence woman who has intense perspective and intuition. The queen of swords is the high priestess of her realm and she has fought many battled to become the Warrior she is. She is fair and just and rules her domain with grace and power. She face her challenges alone as she has learnt to be independent of other and has learnt to put her emotions aside. The queen of swords represent to the seeker to stand up for what they truly believe in and stand firmly unshakable upon their foundations, unmovable in the face of evil for the mighty warrior they have become has the capability of achieving anything they put their minds to it,  to even overcome the impossible. The queen of swords indicates that you need to put your emotions aside and focus your intelligence of more serious matters like your career or friendships. Take control of your life and be more hands on with the destructive attitudes of those who wish you ill. However do not forget to find balance in having strength and determination. Think before you speak, plan before you act and never let your guard down for an instant. This is now the time for solitary independence and be clear about your needs and your goals.

Reversed: The reversed queen of swords indicate that your thoughts are in turmoil and she warns you not to become bitter and resentful of other. To not be sharpened to cruelty and to not give into sly deceitful narrow mind set gossip or quarrelsome attitudes. She warns that you may be currently lacking of strong emotions and tenderness and therefore unable to find harmony and balance. She may also represent the wrath of a cruel woman that you have treated unfair or you have fallen victim of very nasty wrathful intent. You need to find your inner warrior and take control of your life soon else you will remain the victim longer than is necessary.

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