We love Manchester

A brutal random knife attack,horrifically mean,

Brings back memories of the tragedy of 2017.

Armed with a large knife he did viciously attack,

Shoppers in the Arndale Centre spreading fear and flack.


Lunging and attacking relentlessly with his knife,

Creating chaos in the centre,thankfully no loss of life.

The perpetrator was detained under the mental health act,

For injuring five randomly ,creating a horrific impact.


Thankfully the police and the medics were soon on the scene.

To heal the damage created, by he who was mean.

To witness what has happened our hearts truly bleed,

But we love Manchester terrorists take heed !




◄ World mental health day,10th October

A rubbish job for Boris ►


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 12th Oct 2019 02:13

Some time ago, one of the UK government's more damaging actions
was to close down the large mental institutions that had existed for
a great many years - allegedly in the cause of getting the inmates
back into "the community" -an apparently laudable way to offer
more "freedom" & save the money that these substantial 24 hour centres demanded from the public purse.
One of the sadder results was that many of their inhabitants were reduced to a form of helpless (or drastically under-helped)
existence - trying to adapt to a life in which that "freedom" - held
out as the worthy solution - became too much for them to adjust to
and their situations worsened both individually and collectively.
A huge establishment like the famous Horton Hospital - with its
seemingly endless Victorian corridors, wards and outside grounds,
provided an unequalled sort of refuge for minds in torment Some
of those minds resorted to violence against innocent people in
the outside world to which they were returned, unprepared and
in many cases, unwilling, their familiar comfort-blanket snatched from them by the sort of good intentions that instead create hell.

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Don Matthews

Sat 12th Oct 2019 00:43

Mental health issues cause a lot of our problems today. Problem is you can't see a mental injury like you can a physical injury so therefore it 'doesn't exist'.

Thankfully police are well skilled and trained in detecting and dealing with mental health related troubles....

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 12th Oct 2019 00:20

So glad that I wasn't there today. On Monday I was in the arndale with my dad and I keep thinking what if he had been there not able to run away from that madman. I don't feel like going there for a while. I haven't even been to the arena since arianna grande concert. Good poem.

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