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On hearing that the NHS are setting up new clinics for teenagers who are addicted to playing games online

N H Chess....

A different

Game to play

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Nigel Astell

Thu 10th Oct 2019 15:46

sore fingers
arm aching
trembling hands
chess pains
only if
they play!

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Don Matthews

Wed 9th Oct 2019 12:39

Definitely the one connected to the hard that is 😋

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Ruth O'Reilly

Wed 9th Oct 2019 11:28

Hmm I Hope 'mouse' isn't being used as some sort of euphemism here Don...

An aching wrist
But still persists
Can he not resist?

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Don Matthews

Wed 9th Oct 2019 03:00

NHS, help!, I'm addicted
To playing around with my mouse
The one that's connected to hard drive
I've tried to rehab me, to douse

It just squeaks right back, I come running
Like an addict addicted to ice
Do I qualify for entry to clinic
To rehab my online game 'mice' ?

You're pushing the boundary here addict
We can't find your MICE game online
Suggest you sit, play with your squeak-mouse
Till it becomes registered (in time)

(But I'll be a wreck by then....)

(We of the NHS have rules sir. And rules are rules...)

(Bloody NHS. Useless......) 😎

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