Homemade Cards


thank you

for being

silly and fun


I love you so much


you play with me


I drew you

a dragon

like you like


it was fun

when you squirted us

with the hose


you scare us at night

in bed

with that scary sound


you always tickle us

we run away

& hide


special cards

made by hand

in a special file

kept forever


Happy Birthday

from grandsons.


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Wed 16th Oct 2019 22:50

This is really lovely and makes me wish I'd had kids (who'd had kids) 😃

Emilia Callahan

Tue 15th Oct 2019 20:53

This one is cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 15th Oct 2019 15:24

A charming essay into the innocence of childhood and the generation-hopping relationship that seems to work so well in

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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 14:53

dk is an expert
At writing silly cards
It all comes oh so natural
He doesn't find it hard

At all....

On other hand yours truly Ruth
I struggle hard with silly
Was never even smart enough
To think up 'silly-billy'

dk will come to our aid.... 😎

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 15th Oct 2019 14:39

Let's start a WOL crafting club where we send out Homemade postcards every now and then!

D.knape I bet you'd be good a writing a silly verse for those greeting cards

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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 14:05

I like it dk.....

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