In Maryland, in Maryland

Freddie Foreman had a pub

had a pub in Maryland.


In that pub

plans were laid.

Frank Mitchell dumped into the channel

not under concrete as some suspected,


No evidence was ever found.

The story finally ran to ground

courtesy of Freddie himself,

double jeopardy let him off

although he'd already done some time.


Confession they say is good for the soul

well anyway that was that,

but no soul searching was involved

in the case of Jack the Hat.




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Wed 9th Oct 2019 21:17

HI Mark.

Yes I can see your point about the glamorizing of the enforcers , a nasty bunch and semi psychotic streaks no doubt. Nevertheless they exploited the situations that existed at the time and were desperate to be accepted. I know Ronnie Kray married Kate and he was gay. Thanks for that. I collected police and other whistles and had some obscure early constabulary examples, but mostly sold now.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 9th Oct 2019 16:23

Reminds me of 1960s days patrolling dockland streets at night.
But nowadays I find the film and TV entertainment world's preoccupation with villains and their nefarious nonsense a source
of mild disgust. But then the two always seem to have had a curious
symbiotic relationship that even extended to marriage in some cases.

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Tue 8th Oct 2019 23:26

If there's anybody out there - Maryland is quite near to Stratford East - not the sort of place you'd want to be waiting for an all night bus, Aythangow.

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