A piece of land if cleared

will provide a suitable setting:

a pig's or sheep's bladder leather bound

secured with stitches

can be fashioned into a facsmilie of the globe

made to fly above the ground

or propelled along it

by the agency of human intervention


that will be the intention.


There will soon arise a system of attack

and defence whereby the bladder

(now called a ball) will be projected

into opposite frames marked out

as in an imagined stewardship of those areas

by opposition penetrated.

Two groups shall evolve

marked distinctively by colours,

will combine in the aim of conquest


by mutual request..


Great store will be set by this activity,

skills of subterfuge and skirmish displayed

in the manipulation of the so called game.

Crowds will gather all inflamed with passion;

the moneylenders shall come,

reputations made,

male bonding,

a code of morality.


All shall worship the humble bladder

which formerly served a fine and godly purpose

now a transmutation into beautiful sport

and variants thereof

to carry their own history,

and the love of it shall be passed down

from father to son.


There will be much resistance by womenfolk

who mostly will stay behind closed doors in denial

of this savage but glorious pursuit,

nevertheless it shall spread like the plague

from town to town

country to country

and in the mouths of men

whose allegiances will be unbreakable

their disagreements unspeakable,

and great flying contrivances

will inhabit the skies to the sound of guttural cries,

and the consumption of the devil's brews


and all will be right with the world.




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Don Matthews

Thu 17th Oct 2019 23:03

With so much coat-wear from departures
Poor Ray's had to dump it in bin
He's now down to wearing his best shirt
When will this get holed. depart then skin?

It's gone? I swear I dumped my coat in the bin?....😎

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Thu 17th Oct 2019 19:32

Thanks Brian, I have sent that away for analysis!

Graham, you have found my Achilles' heel - nobody can predict that. Still, it does provide yet another endless opportunity for discussion. I think I've worn out my coat by now!

Thanks Don. At least I know I'm mad - I think. Which comes first, the end of the world or the end of football? No contest.

Thanks for having a bit of fun.

Jon, Branwell and Robert, many thanks for the likes.

I'll get my shirt. Ray

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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 23:27

Soooo...good Ray

You may be simple bladder (me?)
We all bow down to you
You came from Ba Ba black sheep
Our reverence we now shew

Although we toss you round, we kick
We do it for a cause
Hear the crowd all cheering?
It's you they're cheering, yours...

(Poor deluded bladder.....)

(One cruel poet....) 😎

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 15th Oct 2019 22:53

A fine treatise Ray!

But if I might make so bold, you have made a serious omission, which requires another stanza.

Where is your definition of the 'off-side-rule'?

I'll get my proverbial coat

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Brian Maryon

Tue 15th Oct 2019 22:45

Forsooth ye hath sayeth a fyne yarn sirrah.

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