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Cold calling

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A bit of poetic free styling flash fiction


Phone rings

It's him

She recognises

The tone

'Are you alone?'

He moaned


So far away


'Please, don't 

Hang up


He says

Funny how he never

Called when

He was alive

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<Deleted User> (24010)

Sun 1st Mar 2020 16:38


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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 22nd Oct 2019 11:22

Sounds like the beginning of another story there Nigel!

Thank you Branwell, glad you liked this poem.

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branwell kent

Mon 21st Oct 2019 17:08

very good poem

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Nigel Astell

Mon 21st Oct 2019 15:39

She What's it like down there

Him How did you know?

She They don't allow calls from high above.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 21st Oct 2019 14:24

Thanks Do.RoThy and Don. Emma thanks for you kind comments, how fascinating you were already working on a similar theme, I will look forward to reading it glad it inspired you.

Cheers Hugh, your poem made me smile. Happy to have got your cogs going on something.

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Mon 21st Oct 2019 13:51

You inspired me to write-

Alive not dead

In my coffin on the way to the grave,
I pass a pub I hear them rave.
In my coffin I feel all alone,
I'm going to frighten them,where's my phone?

I hid it in a corner in a nook,
It's dark in here to dark to look.
I lift the lid and see the moon,
I feel around and find it soon.

I ring my son who is at the rave.
"I'm still alive don't need a grave!"
"But dad I've just been reading out your will,
And who's going to pay the funeral bill?"

The funeral rave could not go ahead,
When they discovered I was alive not dead.

Emilia Callahan

Mon 21st Oct 2019 13:34

This one is great! I'm currently working on a piece in which the narrator has received a letter from a ghost and I think you just gave me some great inspiration... ?

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Don Matthews

Mon 21st Oct 2019 13:22

An interesting one Ruth.....

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 21st Oct 2019 12:22

Thanks Becky and Tom, I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

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Mon 21st Oct 2019 11:47

I liked this Ruth - very effective. The title is a great touch too ?

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Becky Who

Mon 21st Oct 2019 11:31

Ooh this is so effective. Gave me shivers. The last line just jumps out to bite. Love it!

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