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Thoughts in Times of a Pandemic

Here I find myself thinking about what I have always said: human beings are fragile and things can and will change in a blink of an eye.

As if things were not complicated enough in our beaten-up world; the terrible and endless civil war in Syria, the provocative bravado of North Korea, the continuous fights and rants of Trump with allies and adversaries, Putin's permanent interference in everyt...

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Without saying anything

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What you were,

what you embraced

and I discovered


When we were,

or so I thought,

overflowed my imagination

thinking I loved you


You could be the twilight in my dreams,

the breath of my words,

the taste of my mornings, 

everything I've longed for,

but you quickly forgot me


It's hard not to feel the imprint of your conquest,

just thinking of it m...

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Like abandoned papers...

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Just as the wind barges in,

seeping into nature,

I feel a sudden breeze wrap me up in sadness


Shattered by the dead weight of indifference, 

I fall like a leaf from a shaken tree


I descend into an abyss where time no longer exists; 

only emptiness and fear


The night pulls me down,

I find myself in a net of darkness,

immersed in my childhood memories,


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What is it that makes me love you?

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What it is that makes me love you,
in this inexplicable connection,
that while you sleep I would abduct your heart?

What it is that makes me love you?

Without offering anything, only these nights of memories,
you to enter into my body silently,
reincarnated in the monologue of my dreams

I would die for a kiss from you, if necessary...
a kiss on the tenuous thread of dawn,
there clos...

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