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It's Not a Story / No es un Cuento

Everyone loves a story, 
whether it's made up or true,
the Pharisee commander, with his tongue,
was a master of this art

People looked forward to hearing him
when he went out to preach,
he would recite litanies for hours incessantly;
everyone applauded him endlessly

Stories well told by the Pharisee commander,
so elaborate that they were taken as the truth,
and bewitched people gave ...

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A Piece of Cloth

A creature is created,

a joy and a blessing to all;

God called her Woman,

Adam named her Eve,

which means she who gives life


Eve was guilty of taking a bite

of the forbidden fruit of the tree of good and evil;

Adam was tempted by her and that was the end of it all,

that was how Original Sin was born


That was the beginning and then came the rest,

a stigma tha...

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Basic JusticeDiscriminationEqualitywomens rights

Vultures Fly

Vultures fly in perfect circles

and pretend we believe

they are white doves

bringing us peace


Foul-smelling scavengers

disguised as prominent politicians;

illiterate statesmen or authentic literati,

that never attended a single seminar

or even stepped in a University

but surely received and will show with much glee

their hard earned honorary doctorate degree



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I Have Been There

The same as the child cries

when he loses his tempera

and his drawings

are left without landscapes


As the night cries when it waits

for the moon's glimmer and its silhouette

are missing


In the same way the sky cries

when the wind frays the blue

and its shades


Thus my eyes cry and they do not stop crying;

from so much crying,

lifeless amidst deaf c...

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They See Her Dance

She frolicked between two turquoises,

the sky the sea;

now, on the sandy beach,

in the envelope of a tear,

they see her dance

©Noris Roberts

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Starting Today

As of today

I'll only be in your memory,

a trunk full of remembrances

you’ll want to throwaway

and remove forever

imagining you’ll forget me


From today on

I'll just be an empty space in your bed

you cannot embrace

and my scent on your pillow

that you will not forget


Starting today

I'll only be

a worn out image in your dreams

that will hush the pa...

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Heads or Tails

Like a coin

tossed in the air,

chance will decide

whether I will land heads or tails


To have control is almost impossible,

when I think I'm at the top

someone incapable or enviously sick

comes from behind

and knocks me down to the ground


I get up smiling,

starting again;

leaving nothing half done,

that's how I face life;

even when insults rain down ...

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Without Remorse

The blood of innocents spreads like a flood,

covering cities and fields

because a delirious egomaniac, without remorse,

needs to be named in history books


Cities and villages are turned into rubble

because a fiend, without remorse,

decides to restore an empire


Widows and orphans perambulate the streets

because a diminished despicable man,

without remorse or sha...

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This Is Today

It is not a fable or a fairy tale,

even a child could understand my plea

that is why I speak loudly and vehemently


I am outraged to see

how those who wield power,

supported by uniforms and boots

see us as nincompoops,

weaving narratives of a distorted history

as if nothing had been there


Their very accommodated stories

build paper monuments to their heroes o...

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