The Little Rhymer

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The Little Rhymer


I am a little rhymer

As happy as can be

I eat my words for breakfast

And different ones for tea


I'm learning from the Masters

How to rhymy be

Shakespeare, Yates and Ogden

Nash and Emily...


Who was a rhyming genius

Used slant rhymes cleverly

I've yet to master slant-like rhymes

A learner still I be


I need to climb this rhymic hill

Get past my Jack and Jill

Cos nursery rhymes aren't good enough

For posting up on WOL


I've suddenly just realised

Jill slant-rhymes with WOL

I'm learning from the Masters

I'll get there, yes I will


The WOL crowd do support me

(Also a happy bunch)

Sorry, forgot to tell you

Also eat words for lunch


Don Matthews August 2019


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Philip Stevens

Mon 28th Oct 2019 23:40

You certainly are a rhymer
Your work will testify
But I know one who coverts you
And ther rhymer name is... me

Okay I changed the syllable
With a slight turn of phrase
But it's good to change the rhythm
To keep the reader fully engaged

Not all lines are rhythmic
But the rhymer will chage to fit
And often they will invent a word
Like rhyming'poetilic'

Some rhymes they have a reason
But not all reason have a rhyme
It's always been this way, you know
From way back in Shakespeare's time

So to the WOL out crowd
With the comments I disagree
Beacuse jack and jill's a classic
Of rhyming poetically

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