I am sitting, you are sitting, we are sitting staring at each other,

Never blinking once, waiting for response, we're eye to eye,

And crying,

Patent leather watchstrap, holds a clock to tell the time,

Though you'd never know it 'cos we'd never show it, neither of us even knows if the sun's gone down,

I look contented, 

You're well presented,

But we are falling,

Falling just for us no need to discuss.


Sit together, watch the weather, hope we never ever have to go,

Looking to the skies with roses in our eyes as tears run,

We're lying,

Raining every Tuesday, open up the daily news,

See the same old theme, it's everybody's dream to rip open the seams and seem live a life undone,

It represented,

The discontented,

And then abhored them,

Hated them all and wants them to fall,


Mister Missus, sisters hisses, whispered blistered kisses from the soul,

Seeing if they land, she blows them on demand, with open eyes,

She's crying,

Simple subtle soulfood, given by an empty god,

She struggles to believe, that working to relieve, the wanton self deceived will ever lift her up from hell,

Her breath is scented,

With anger vented,

At one and all, she hates them all and wants them to fall.


We are waiting, you are waiting, grimly grinding molars all together,

Trying to extend the time before the end, we close our eyes,

We're dying,

Token nod to Jesus, hoping that he'll save our souls,

Though we know it's true the likes of me and you can never see it through to truly make our sins undone,

We can't defend now,

Or even pretend now,

That they're not ours, we own them all and we have to fall,

We own them all and we have to fall that's all,

We're falling.



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Jason Bayliss

Wed 30th Oct 2019 16:05

Thanks Don and thanks Dorothy, and yes you're right Don, it had quite a complex rhyming structure this one, I kind of had to get the full syllabic beats in my head prior to even starting. Although, to be fair I often start with just a rhythm. And also sorry if I bummed you out a bit Dorothy, I'm dead cheerful in real life, honest.😁

J. x

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Don Matthews

Wed 30th Oct 2019 13:13

Everything about this I like Jason. Lot of work here. Not an overnighter. The layout draws you in. Well done.....

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