The Controlled Demolition of the Handshake

The Controlled Demolition of the Handshake: A Brief Historical and Esoteric Essay on the Extinction of Trust Through Ancient Psychological Warfare Regarding the Ritual of Peace Commonly Referred to as The Handshake

The dying art of the Handshake has almost lost itself entirely to theatrics and the common person has lost a part of themselves along with it      The significance of the Handshake is not only symbolic; it once had a purpose.

Part Alpha: what’s up your sleeve there Daggarus Tunicus Concealius
In less technologically advanced Tribaries back in the wise days when people dared 
To glare God straight in the Sun
People often conceal-carried up their sleeves which could also be an alternative origin of the relatively-recent hidden hand gesture used by the more egotistical of the deep state goons, Albert Einstein for one. And back when Aten ruled as archon
In the less judicial pathways when approached  by a stranger you raised a hand       to show that you had no weapons; you were harmless, and likewise the shaking motion was to indicate immediate peaceful intent and then
of Solidarity and all this is 
stored in our

Part Beta: Quick and two the part

Trust played a role in both the spitting and
cutting of one’s hand then pressing the flesh to another’s as a binding contract regardless of
Witness. The Handshake has become Holy.
We made the Handshake Holy because
It represented the automatic God in each of us.       the choice to trust a stranger based on a    mere shaking of hands
what began as a necessary communal signal of peace in a dark place the bloom was occulted obnoxiously as always by a group of non-forms who hide in all of us and how do we
Make a nuke small enough to kill an ant
And leave the nest unascended?
You create a ritual invoking the mutual abundance Law and embed it with the
Light Being Christ Mind long before banks
And kings and Bibles. A hidden Easter Egg
If you WILL

Part Tree: The Simulation of a thought of a simulated thought: the art of confusion as it pertains to the decline in the Cultural  Peace Ritual known as the Handshake.

When the molechiaan ruling elite got wind of the wild savages and their Ritual of Peace their entire method shapeshifted.
They adopted the Handshake among their dignitaries and soon it was common as bad company. And then slowly the demonic inversions appeared. Hands were removed from people who broke the law and on the books it looks, according to those particular laws anyway, as if justice has been delivered.
However, an eventual class system emerges in which, because the handless were deemed untrustworthy as soon as you saw them, there now existed a monopoly on the narrative of the Handshake as a social engineering tool hungrily adapted by the direct bloodline relatives of the now anti-christian Molechiaann ruling elite. The most of these proto-psyops was the disinformation campaign introducing the 'secret' Handshake. Now 
Given that literally every single secret society going back to before Babylon have been created or infiltrated to the point of complete submission by these Negative entities, when secret handshakes were introduced not just into the Freemasons and Mormon practices but every sub-terranian and Arcturian committee ritual also, and then immediately leaked somewhat occulted definitions of these handshakes to TNC media (trusted and controlled).
The resulting chaos of perception eventually led to the People bearing suspicion at the slightest glimpse of a grasp. 
Alas, the Handshake has become inverted to the point of conspiracy. Under Satan’s disfigured direction.  But in Jesus Name We
Shall shake hands in the heavens without bodies.


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