Thalia and I

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Thalia and I


Thalia's my Muse of Mirth

We met when she toured WOL

Looking for a matching mate

Someone she could control


(It might rhyme Don

but you know that's not true.....)


I want to please the lady

I need her oh so much

We're sorting out our differences

A give and take of such


Like any new relationship

Things do go up and down

But if you want each other

You take the smile with frown


Thalia sometimes nudges me

When I'm not feeling bright

Says “Come on Don let's go create”-

A smile for WOL's delight


Our honeymoon's now over

Match wasn't made in heaven

Mt 'Lympus was as close we got

Reception hundred seven


(Mae? – 107 drachmas. Is that the

going rate for MO or was I had?.....)


I know you all are thinking

I've gone and lost the plot

I know I'm silly as a wheel

(But Thalia swears I'm not......)


Don Matthews October 2019



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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 08:19

Thalia and I wish to thank you all for your best wishes on our budding relationship. The ceremony at Mt Olympus (covered in the social pages of Mount Olympus Times) was attended by all her friends (the other Muses). They were sad to see her leave but I'm sure she'll be back for holidays. 😎

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Mon 14th Oct 2019 14:17

I love that your muse has a name and we get to meet her up close and personal❣️

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 14th Oct 2019 10:47

Ah-ha So this is what Thailia looks like. I like that line taking the smile with the frown, best way.

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Don Matthews

Mon 14th Oct 2019 10:22

Mae I wouldn't want to
Lose her, she's the best
We're working our relationship
We're gonna past the test

(Of time....)

You don't have drachmas anymore?
Mt 'Lympus bit behind?
That's why I had to euro-swap
Of course we didn't mind

(Any currency was OK by us. Even Aussie $...)

Yes, Thalia she does push me Mae
Towards a higher cause
Is not that what they're meant to do?
(Hold on Mae while I pause)


I know they do it out of love
All for us poet's good
How often do we think back, say
Would've, could've, should ?

No way I'll live the last line
Ignore my Muse of Mirth
I'd never trade my Thalia in
For all drachmas on earth

(But there are none left Don....)

(Oh?. I'm sure Greeks have lots of jar-fulls hiding in their cupboards.....)

(Poor deluded soul....) 😎

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Mae Foreman

Mon 14th Oct 2019 09:53

I like it! Well, we don't have drachmas any more! But I am surprised that you remember our old currency! All relationships are hard and muses tend to be demanding...But they only do it out of love and for your own good! Hang in there, she's a keeper!

Mazel tov!🎈


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