what i call home


I’ve lived around the world.

In fact I moved when I was 18,

I left my home and found another,


But was that home?


Layered bricks and walls with posters,

soft warm bed and candles lit by it

to make it



But was that home?


‘a house is not a home’

yet I still feel like I really miss

my house, where my mom and my cat

are waiting patien...

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and i'm sorry, darling,

that you had to love me

at that wrong time.

a time when i loved you,

but i needed to love myself more.

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why is it that

everyone says how

things will get better?

And at first you won't believe them.


but then as soon as

you get your hopes up

it all goes down.

And you cry, because you believed them.


again here comes the hole

that eats you whole

And then you say you won't believe anymore.


you are me.

and i am you.

we are both


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‘At least your skin isn’t black’ as if that changes anything or makes it better.

I am still as foreign with my white skin. With my ‘funny sounding’ language,

in a country where people don’t understand the concept of knowing

different languages, where they know no other, except for their own.


                                             One. And only.


Where I can’t spe...

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