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time, patience, practice

Things take time and patience.

Life transitions take time and patience.

Self-love takes time, patience, and practice.

time, patience, practice.

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i am nothing

i have a life, but im not living it

i feel like im passing right through it 

there is no excitment

no happiness real happiness at least;

you know, like the kind of happiness that lasts for a few days, weeks, or even months

im lucky if i have a happy moment that lasts a few hours


it's never enough

i'm never enough.


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i can't even with him.

how dare you disvalue me

you playing me?

boy bye.

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Where Did It Go


the sensation of feeling alive, 

like happy and living,

have been slowly leaving my soul.


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Pinch me

Why is it that i often find myself asking those around me

how they feel about something after they vent to me?

i want in depth details, its addicting...


could it be because i am so empty on the inside

that i have a need to know exactly what others are feeling? 


...someone pinch me

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everyday, forever.

the thought of losing you 

makes my heart hurt


although you were not

around as much as i wish

you had been,

i have a part of you

and you have a part of me


the pain i once felt because of your constant absence when i needed you most

the cracked heart i carried inside me for too long 

all because i missed out on getting to know you—the way they know you 

and a...

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two faced

two sides


my happy side:

you're doing it

you've got this

you are half way there, keep going

you will make it

you will


emotional debby downer side:

you wont make it

you wont do it

you cant

you are not smart enough 

why do you even waist your time


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how does a person get to the point of believing they can't accomplish anything that they put their mind to?

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To Me. From Me.

 I was meant to be something

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Today You Remembered

today i felt the wind blowing against my flesh

i looked up at the sky

as i noticed a sprinkle of rain had landed

on my lens


i couldn't remember that last time i looked up at the sky

so i made sure to soak in the beauty of today's gloomy day


i felt a little more alive today

today i felt the concrete underneath my feet 

as i walked across campus


today i fel...

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Mr. Charming

the wrinkles beside your eyes when you smile

oh, that wide gorgeous smile


you are charming


i am deeply sorry

that the mother of your seeds has passed 


i'm curious

is your way of coping with the pain

your precious heart is feeling

to attract the youngest rose in the the garden

who's thorns haven't fully developed? 

you know that if you touch, it wouldn'...

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Love, Your Platonic Soulmate

i missed you! 

is it hard for you

to hear me say i miss you 

i mean it 

you are my best friend


you are my platonic soulmate

that is what we are 

it would explain so much 

why after 5 years we still were not able to label each other as boyfriend/girlfriend

this entire time we've been trying so hard to turn something into what it simply is not


we love each ot...

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Baby, What Are We?

it’s hard to tell if these past 5 years we’ve been trying to turn a friendship into a relationship.


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i hate that i had to do what i feel was best for the both of us. 

at this point in my life i can't focus on anything other than my education.

and i am deeply sorry that i am uncapable of knowing how to balace you both. i guess you could say im weak for not knowing how to balance the two.


you doing that thing you love to do does affect me more than i should let it. is it my insecuriti...

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sometimes it takes us

under-doing something  


overdoing it 

until you have it down just right 

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My Strawberry Milkshake

oh this man 

sweet as a strawberry milkshake from a country waffle house


you are a keeper

i think if we keep going the way we are going 

i might just marry you


we have come such a long way

5 years in the making my love.

we've got eachother figured out for the most part.

took us nearly 5 years to grow up and take this relationship serious, FINALLY.


just las...

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everyday she feels more apart from the world.

i think she's found love. i just don't believe that he will be enough.

he truly loves her. how can she break his heart like that?

don't love.


she says she's here. yet so far away.

i try to understand her.

but don't know what to say.

she doesn't think she belongs anywhere. she is so lost.


i think of ways to help, but sh...

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Consuming Thoughts

i am consumed by my own thoughts.

stuck with no way out of my own mind. i wish i could escape it.

how does someone get to this point? 


i look for help in the wrong places.

the few people i seek

don't hear me. 


there are people in this world who need to hear that they are doing a good job.

its like being eaten alive slowly.

because rarely does the person you want...

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i guess i will never understand. what it’s like to be a father. and what it’s like to completely neglect your daughter.

she’s cried bloody tears for you. she has begged and humiliated herself for your attention, love, and compassion. but you don’t get it. it doesn’t affect you. you live in a different city. you have a family of your own now. you never learned to balance your first {love} born w...

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we all go through very similar 

tough patches in our life. yet everyone around us thinks we have it better than them.

that our problems are not as serious as theirs.

that is where the problem starts. because we are scared to speak up. 

we think we will be judged. rather than listened to. or being related to.

we have to come together as a community. we must love. share kindness. shar...

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My mother once told me 

she thought I was as strong as she was,

but she was wrong and told me I was weak


Could she be right? 

So far I don't think I've been able

to prove her wrong


She told me she has no faith in me


I think I had lost faith in myself before her 


What has it come to...

now I can't smell flowers how I used to

or smile at faces...

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I Just Want To Bloom

Why is it that when I am doing my best,

and feeling my best, 

I end up collapsing,

and starting all over again feels so hard to do


You just feel like the biggest failure

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I'm so lit, 

I'm either hearing the blood rushing through my vains 

or my heart's just beating really loud xO

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