Don't Let Thoughts Go (Poof!) Fly 'Way

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Don't Let Thoughts Go (Poof!) Fly 'Way


Poets need to write down thoughts

From mind while neurons grind

Don't let them go (poof!) fly away

You may lose them - not find


A neuron nudges you at night

Wake up!, go write this down

You could get Poem of the Week

Wake up! Don't yawn! Write down!


Surprise, surprise, I told you so

You're Poet of the Week

Now aren't you glad you did wake up?

OK, now wake, go peek


Wow! Home page.....


Don Matthews August 2019


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Don Matthews

Sun 27th Oct 2019 07:53

kJ - Maybe they haven't updated home page yet ? Weekend and all that....


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kJ Walker

Sat 26th Oct 2019 16:44

Sorry to tell you this Don, but you're still asleep. It's all a dream.

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