La Passion

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Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir

My heart is bleeding and my soul is in utter dismay

Head is spinning and my cheeks are wildly aflame

Something is missing as I cry out loud in agony

My body trembles and shudders – am I going insane?

What I really need is just therapeutic orgasmic lust

Just a soft gentle caressing touch to ease my pain

Touch me here and touch me there and everywhere

Hold me squeeze me eat me with your eyes again

Devour me empower me cover me with wet kisses

Wrap your arms around me like a runaway train

Take me to the highest mountain to touch the stars 

To the heavens let me fly with you my angel of refrain


I miss your touch your look your smile your soft skin

Your delicate shoulders your wet lips your breath

Your shining eyes your screams your whispers

Your gasps your tears your fears your silken hair

Your never ending pleasure your endless love

Your undying devotion your special sexy notion

Your flirty feisty fiery ferocious funky fashion

Your highs your lows your thighs your fingers

Your toes your pelvic thrusts your heaving bust

Most of all I really miss your electric eccentric

Ecstatic dramatic exciting exotic hypnotic erotic

Possessive obsessive aggressive pure pleasurable

Painful teasing torturous stimulating soul

Mon dieu – Tu me tends fou

Je ne sais quoi – La passion


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Don Matthews

Fri 18th Oct 2019 08:50

That's your excuse.....😎

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Tom Doolan

Fri 18th Oct 2019 08:06

Hi Don - picture was me in my younger days lol. T😁

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Tom Doolan

Fri 18th Oct 2019 08:04

Hi DoRoThY - I did get carried away somewhat. T😁

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Don Matthews

Thu 17th Oct 2019 23:07


Thalia is giggling. She's gotten over her embarrassment and is now nudging me to do more. Gosh! I didn't know muses were that frisky.

Your accompanying picture is hot stuff. Is that a self portrait?....😎

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Tom Doolan

Thu 17th Oct 2019 15:44

Thank's Don for your rhyming retort
I am totally dazed  and confused
An epic end to my plight is in sight
I am sure Thalia would be highly amused

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Don Matthews

Thu 17th Oct 2019 12:40

Golly gosh Tom, you're in a bad way....😎

You sound a bit-like randy
You seem to need a nipple
A bit of lusty so and so
An organism triple

I hope orgasmic happiness
Comes along real quick
A fella needs relief for (fast)
His overanxious dick

Thalia is gaping with embarrassment....😛

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