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Spurs Miracle

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Tottenham visit Ajax Amsterdam

Hope they have got a masterplan

That’s up their sleeve

One goal down they wear a frown

But their hearts have come to town

You have got to believe

It’s more than just a feeling wow

We need a miracle now


As the Johan Cruijff ArenA roars

The raw football emotion soars

It’s game well and truly on

De Ligt hits the net in minute five


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Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the air and I am wearing a smile

Daffodils are in bloom think I’ll stay for a while

The harsh winter is now but a distant memory

As a brand new season bursts into life for sure

April showers excite invigorate and refresh me

The welcome sun burns brightly in a sky of azure

Baby lambs frolic carefree in lush fields of green

Enchanting trees laden with blossom a beau...

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Irish and Proud

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It’s a Sunday morn in March and I rise like a lark full of springtime joy

The date is the 17th where on earth have you been it’s St Patrick’s Day boy

With a surname of Doolan nobody are you fooling you’re an Irish guy

With a drink in my hand and a tune from the band my head is held high

It’s a day to celebrate no time to hesitate let the good times roll

Everbody is grand give me you...

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Woman of Wonder

entry picture

I was just but a seed in the loins of a perfect passion

Who travelled on a journey to a wondrous womb

Incubated in a safe warm comforting home

Until I was ejected unceremoniously from my tomb

Mother of mine you gave me the ultimate gift of life

Welcomed me to a world of opportunities untold

I became part of a growing loving fighting family

Then one fine day you presented me wi...

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My Love is Like a Crème Brûlée

entry picture

My love is like a crème brûlée

Worshiping her on my knees I pray

She puts her spell on me and gently down I lay

On an inviting bed of warm comforting custard

Swimming together in an ocean of blissful tranquility

The scent of her vanilla perfume intoxicates me

She quenches my thirst and feeds my carnal hunger

We skate and glide giddy with burning desire

Across a cool crisp c...

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