Bound (long form Haiku)

Bind me with your chains,

You control the beast tonight,

You are all there is,


All that now remains,

And I'll let you feast tonight,

I am here to please,


Tight against my skin,

Pull your bindings oh so tight,

Don't let me get free,


Guide our pleasure in,

You are in control tonight,

That's how it should be,


Slap my guilty skin,

Bound by cold chains oh so tight,

I am yours my queen.

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Don Matthews

Fri 18th Oct 2019 23:24

Thalia watches over
Me while I'm asleep
Doesn't want the succubus
Seduce me (wot a creep)

(Despite devilish she's probably damn sexy...but I wouldn't tell Thalia that....) 😎

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 18th Oct 2019 23:12

Ha ha, cheers Don and Kevin, it was a response to a haiku chain themed piece of erotica about a succubus.

J. x

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Don Matthews

Fri 18th Oct 2019 08:46

Golly gosh! Kevin, nothing metaphorical here. Chain me tight, whip me where it hurts, give it to me baby. If Jason put this on audio I'm sure you'd hear the cries of pain, er delight.....😏

Oh? ..Was I meant to comment about the poem kJ?

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kJ Walker

Fri 18th Oct 2019 07:13

Are the chains metaphorical, or is there some kinky stuff going on here?
Clever rhyming, I liked the long form Haiku.

Cheers Kevin

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