Who creates and who destroys?

The sun in the day,

The weeds in the garden, 

The wind breezing between the flowers,

The friend and the foe,

For these are heaven and hell, 

How I hold these in my bosom,

How I desire to be free from my sins,

How I desire to hold anger towards my foe, 

How I wish to blame others for my faults.

Then the sweet voice whispers,


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Life And Death

What is this life? 

Is there anyone who questions? 

When I dream, I dream world as real as this.

Who is in me speaking?

Who is in me creating? 

Why am I able to go anywhere I please? 

What is truth? 

Does it lie in me? 

Can I become who I wish to be? 

If I were to become whoever I desire, will this set me free? 

Or does this lead to a trap where nothing can satisfy me...

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Why aren't you who you wish to be?

Can your consciousness not become me? 

Who's permission do you have to ask to embody who you want be? 

Close your eyes, and imagine where you wish to be.

How did you get there? Where can you not go?

Is there anyone else, other than yourself who will say no?

We receive our desires daily, for we cannot live without.

For we feast on our harvest,...

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"The Man and The Bird"

The Man:

Why not?

You can fly wherever you want,

Go any place you desire,

No one’s permission required,

To the beaches, to the wilderness,

You are free beyond measure,

Yet you stay,

You stay in the nasty pit,

You stay where no one desires.

The Bird:

Everyday, a new painting in the sky,

The stars that combined to give us a masterpiece,

The soothing sound of...

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“The Man and The Whisper”




What if…,



The haunting past,

The heart of anxiety,

The present limitations,

The lack of belief in myself,

Uncertainty of knowing myself,


These are the lions in my den,

The lighting and thunder in my storm,

The dark walls enclosing on my shoulders,

The waves that are ready to pummel me in my ocean of lif...

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