The Ballad of Pablos Juan

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Your Majesty I am Pablos Juan

My story is so sad to tell

I was a true conquistador

And only lived to serve Spain well


I soldiered in St. Augustine

Master of both sword and pike

In your name I wielded both

Not afraid to give my life


At the fort were dogs of war

With most of them I got along

But one was like a rabid beast

The devil in his breast was strong


El Diablo snarled at me,

bit my legs and chewed my feathers

He soiled my family’s coat of arms

A tore my boots of Spanish leather


So I hung him with a chain

But the governor made me set him free

Said my deed would drive the hound

Into the arms of enemies


But Lord, I know old Satan’s ways

And tell you he was in this beast

Could a Christian like myself?

With a hound from hell make peace?


So the day he pissed my bed

I grabbed him and cut off his ear

Howling he ran through the streets

And soon the governor appeared


He stuck a knife into my chest

And grabbed me by the little heads

He made me bow before that dog

I tremble as to what came next


I begged he let me plead my case

Have mercy on me Lord I cried

But as I groveled at his feet

He pulled that demon’s tail aside


These lips that praised our Holy Lord

And took the sacrament at mass

Were defiled in front of hordes

And made to kiss a war-dog’s ass


These lips these lips these sacred lips

Defiled in front of my own men

My honor shattered with a kiss

Never to grow strong again


My sorrow tale spread far and wide

Children teased me close to death

We know you kissed your love they’d say

Because we smell it on your breath


My soldiers pike and sword hung low

When I spoke my minions laughed

None followed orders from the lips

That had kissed a war-dogs ass


True revenge did course through me

But as a soldier I stayed true

I bid myself to do my work

Pledging all the fruits to you


My Lord the day I heard the boom

From the guns of Francis Drake

I ran to rally all my men

And pledged to die for honors sake


But I found the governor

Had rushed them to the treasure hold

There he had them break the chests

And made them empty all the gold


To the woods they squired it

And buried it beneath a bed

Of pointed Spanish bayonet

Then they filled the chests with lead


When pirates came I stood alone

And pierced the side of five with pike

Until I saw Drake’s blunderbuss

Aiming forth to take my life


God be praised the gun misfired

And only took my right hand thumb

But the blast had blinded me

And with a pike he struck me dumb


There I caught a fleeting glimpse

Right before I hit the ground

Of the governor in flight

With the women of the town


And right beside the governor

Fleeing forth with leaps and bounds

Yapping like a frightened pup

Was that cursed devil hound


My Lord I hear the governor

Claimed that Drake stole all the gold

I swear upon my honor sir

No greater lie has there been told


The governor has hidden it

And given you an alibi

And though these lips kissed Satan’s ass

Never have they spoke a lie


The truth is yours for you to act

I pray you act both firm and strong

To punish cowards in your keep

Who have done your servants wrong


Your Majesty I am Pablos Juan

My story is so sad to tell

I was a true conquistador

And only lived to serve Spain well


Michael Triandafils c2019

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Fred Nicholson

Tue 15th Oct 2019 03:06

Beauti-fully composed.

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