flotsam to jetsam 

life ebbs to the pull of time 

incessant decay

past fills with the futures

wave of actuality

◄ midnight

sun and moon ►



Wed 6th Nov 2019 06:22

Thank you po, much appreciated you saying so.

All the best des

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Tue 5th Nov 2019 20:58

Hi Desmond

Some poets run on incessantly
Leading ‘in my case’ to metaphysical indigestion.

Saying so much in so few words my friend...
is terse verse.



Thu 3rd Oct 2019 20:36

Thank you Martin for your kind words much appreciated. I too do wish, that one day I will write longer poem. Hopefully as good as you. Don, I too like haiku as well as senryu and tanka I think they make you slow down and take a different view on everyday happenings that we would otherwise take for granted. Thank you Keith and Avishek for the likes

All the best des

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Don Matthews

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 09:14

To me the art of poetry is putting an idea into as few words as possible. Why I like haiku. And it's challenge......

Not easy, as you say Martin....

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Martin Elder

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 08:42

I sincerely wish I could be a man of so few words when it comes to writing . Wonderfully put Desmond
Nice one

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