Today is not a good day

Today affirmations do not affirm me

Meditation is not mindful

Breath is not counted

Thoughts are not observed and gently let go

Today I am holding on to pain though

Misery is not strength and

I am not strong

Today doubt is king

Insights are blind

Realizations forgotten

Today is not a good day

There is blood on the window

Splattered like the cloacal spray

of some scavenging bird

the rain spreads it into separate

pools...like every drop

is wounded

as the bird that hit the glass

it did not see

flying carefree into reflection

of an unreal sky

I am tired of trying to not die

while dying while trying

I am tired of trying to not cry

while crying while trying

I am not asleep

and the night is slow

with the room's light above

and the darkness below.

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Mae Foreman

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 18:13

The last four lines make me want to turn to BoB Dylan's Tambourine Man for solace... The first few lines remind me of something I wrote once upon a time for a friend who felt that way. It's called "Resist" and it's posted here. That's my answer to you, dear Adam. Resist! Wondering poem! Kudos?


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Wed 23rd Oct 2019 03:31

Powerful poem Adam. Been there. Dark days are tough, but the sun always comes up and wipes the slate clean. ❤

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