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Untitled (ghostwriter)

Partially inspired by Rudy Francisco.


a letter from someone on the other side of the ground - 


do not believe

their orchestrated lies -

grass is not greener

on this side of the ground.


instead, we plough our dirt

with seeds made of 

all the words

we wish we would have said,

wilted flowers of broken promises

blooming and dying

underneath dusty moonlight

while a large pendulum hangs above,

ticking away each moment of eternity

we have spent apart.


that side of the ground

does not always come easy

to the living -

but there is a certain magic

in the mystery of

trying to figure it all out,

before this prison I’m trapped within

gathers up your soul,

crushing it into ashes

between the grim reaper’s fists.


all I ask is that

you enjoy every moment

of your present -

spend long days 

staring at the ocean,

breathe in salty air,

embrace the heat of sunshine

while seagulls call in the distance

and tell yourself -


“the grass is always greener as long as I’m on this side of the ground.”

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Emilia Callahan

Fri 25th Oct 2019 13:42

Thanks, Don and Ruth! Ruth, yes, there is a quote by one of my favorite poets (Rudy Francisco) that goes something along the lines of "I tell myself every hour can be happy hour as long as I'm on this side of the ground". Overall I know this isn't my best work (I've been struggling recently - I think it's because I try to write poetry only around 5 am or so, but that's ok, it's all a part of the process.

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Don Matthews

Thu 24th Oct 2019 15:28

I like this Emilia....

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 24th Oct 2019 13:51

I really like the way you just brought new meaning to the old classic saying ' The Grass is always greener in the other side'. I had never thought of it that way before!

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