My Muse

My Muse

Drives a Chrysler barefoot…

And has three kids with a man

Stronger than me.

You know, she likes my poetry.

She said so so once.

When she called, I remembered every word.

I cracked them open looking for anything.

Then I used them to make jokes about myself… my only immunity against one-sided love.

My Muse

let me kiss her once.

My friends said I should have tried for more....But No...

That’s not where the good poems are.

They come from


Getting What you wanted.

My Muse

drives a Chrysler barefoot,

And wears her hair long

even on the days

When the winds come shrieking over the lake.

◄ Eulogy for an ex-CIA Agent

Shirdi Sai Baba ►


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Fri 25th Oct 2019 07:48

Love this one Michael❣️

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branwell kent

Thu 24th Oct 2019 23:10

great poem

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Thu 24th Oct 2019 16:31

This is excellent, I really enjoyed the tone and the imagery you use. Thanks for sharing.

Emilia Callahan

Thu 24th Oct 2019 13:49

This is beautiful and very real. I love the lines "that's not where the good poems are - they come from not getting what you wanted" - I feel like that's absolutely so true.

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Greg Freeman

Thu 24th Oct 2019 10:42

I agree. Touching, and accepting. "That's not where the good poems are" is a wonderful line. You can't always get what you want.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 24th Oct 2019 10:38

I think this is a perfectly lovely piece.

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Don Matthews

Thu 24th Oct 2019 08:19

Michael - Thalia, my Muse of Mirth and I have been bonded for some time. The Muse Counselling Advice Service tell me never to consumate with a muse.

(Thalia: Are they talking about me?.....)


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