This Chemical Romance

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We’ve a chemical romance, we’ve got chemistry

We have covalent bonds that attract you and me


Our shared electron pairs formed a lasting attraction

We’re drawn to each other, a combination reaction


Our chemical elements were destined to bind

My yin and your yang complete and defined


When I’m in your embrace its Oxytocin heaven

You’re sweeter than Carbon12, Hydrogen22, Oxygen11 … (That’s Sugar)


I’m besotted by your molecular structure

When your lips touch mine they’re like a conductor


Sparks fly and fizzle as electricity flows

From you to me and down to earth through my toes


Whilst the laws of physics will always dictate

Our combined molar mass can ne’er deviate


This chemical romance will last and endure

Ignoring boundaries and physical laws


The bonds between us can never be severed

We’re destined to be bound together forever


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Don Matthews

Sun 20th Oct 2019 11:43

Our physical bond is weaker
Electrons are not shared
I'm happy, can put up with this
Our bodies lock, all bared

I know one day we'll drift apart
Cos 'lectrons we don't share
We'll both then go and look around
More body-share. All bare 😎

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