Happy Returns

Does anyone else but me wonder

when they look on Facebook

and see birthday celebrations

for dead aunts, uncles


brothers, wives...

that no, this cannot be


Because the dead cannot age

take that slap on the back

notch up years or candles on a cake

They're snuffed out, like we will one day be

They're gone forever

Just memories - hopefully good ones

but not always


So when I'm gone think only this of me...

She was a bit quirky

a bit controversial

happy in her own skin

which stopped aging

at approximately the moment

she ceased to be.




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Tue 15th Oct 2019 16:41

Awwww thank you everyone. Its been a long time since I posted anything. That ugly little word 'work' got in the way, along with contentment which is even more destructive to your muse!

I wrote this on the train home after scrolling thro FB after a drunken night out. FB never ceases to baffle me.

There will come a time when I post again - hopefully before I cock my toes up! Now I shall endeavour to read some poetry 😃


<Deleted User> (22444)

Tue 15th Oct 2019 10:10

Love it Isobel, I too find it confronting when the profiles of dead friends seem to maintain a life beyond the grave.

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Tue 15th Oct 2019 10:10

I enjoyed this Isobel and great to see you posting again. 😃

It's strange and more than a little bit surreal the way people 'live on' in their digital lives even after they've left us. I wonder if people felt equally creeped out by photographs of loved ones back when photography was new to the world?

Thanks for sharing. T

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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 09:43

I thought she was a co-founder Graham. 35,833 viewings since 2009! That's gotta be ten exclams at least....😎

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 15th Oct 2019 09:30

Don, Isobel is one of WOL’s originals!

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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 04:06

Isobel our Graham has writ
7 exclams to you
Thalia and I we we bit perplexed
You follow this? you two?

It seems that Do. is rubbing off
Exclams she uses lots
From where I'm typing this Isbel
It's starting to get hot....😎

(Oh? you haven't met my Muse of Mirth Thalia? She tries to keep my on the straight and narrow . She says to tell you bit of a struggle....)

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 14th Oct 2019 23:26

Isobel !!!!!!!

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Don Matthews

Mon 14th Oct 2019 22:53

This is so good Isobel....

She snuffed out, (POOF!) at 12 o'clock
In a quirky kinda way
Some say controversial-like
(Let's have a beer hey hey...)

The poet who is writing this
( Also a quirky type)
Is also controversial
And likes to run on hype

(He asks not to be celebrated on snuffing out. What's Facebook he asks?...) 😎

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