Floating On A Raft

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Floating On A Raft


I've been in WOL a year now

Survived brimstone and fire

It's made me fitter, stronger

No way I'll skip, retire


Why do I like this platform?

'Cause I can ply my craft

Sometimes it comes out serious

Sometimes it comes out daft


Variety's the spice of life

Serious, comic, daft

I have all three-type poems

Riding on a raft...


Which floats around my hard drive

On a sea of bytes

Invention of technology

No currents, wavecaps white


(Electric currents?.....)


Don Matthews July 2019


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Don Matthews

Fri 25th Oct 2019 23:17

Clever Ruth.....

Philipos - Thalia is keen on your fishing idea. They don't have lakes on Mt Olympus so it's all new to her. Just have to caution her about the byting electric eels....


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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 25th Oct 2019 22:59

Those electric eels byte at your reel!


Fri 25th Oct 2019 09:07

You could put out a rod and catch a Baramundi or two so as to celebrate. Good to share the dialogue over the past year. 👍

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