Psyop Blues

 I used to have God so deep in my soul
That the devil cried rain in his lair
And then one day hell appears a sinkhy
And I faaaaaaaaal right in yeah

I spread so many wings 
That kfc offered me a job
But instead I sing and now I sings about
How real angels don’t show such things

Now I was a proud black man
Sovereign with my guitar
So the real black men, the men in black
Came round at the devil’s hour

Too classified to sing I’ll explain it as a warning
When the real Man shows up he ain’t no real man, darling
And I don’t mean coward and I don’t mean faggots
I mean the dudes were from another planet.

So call me a crazy drop-C thirdbeat speaker of the mad beat 
and I’ll show you a sample of sounds of planets. They whistle, murmur and sing their own blues.
And we are the chords of their angelic hymns.

So instead of goin mad like Martin Lawrence with a gun
Screaming :they gunna kill me they gunna kill meeeeee'
I went underground like Chapelle before the Sun
I thought by going on tour with the band id remain anon

But no no Nooooo they don’t play fair in the deep state yo
They’ve got fam in the streets on the screens in every radio
So they caught me again and face up threatened
To turn me into Greta Thunburg I said kill me now fool
They said no not yet but

I said yo shoes on illuminati you dealing with Baltimore
They said theyd drop my contract
So I ain’t sayin no more


It’s not I’ve changed I’m still fighting for you
It’s just now I’ll be spitting rhythms in a bright red shoe
I’ll never go all in, my heart won’t allow
But I’ll do what I have to, I’ll be the cow

My new album with updated title is finally out after lengthy litigation
Malcolm X was a Bigot released by Lucifer records is out now for just $16.66 at all good stores and a 1 dollar donation will be made to Planned Parenthood with every purchase. They need your help to kill as many unborn souls as possible. Thank you love and light

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 28th Oct 2019 16:40

Men in black from another planet...?...I have heard that the music of space is in b-flat. Perfect for a blues song.
Just don't sell your soul!

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