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Makes us write poems and sculpt marble though inner strength

Makes us knee bend

Makes us difficult to reply to that work email

Because the mind is not free, it is in jail

That jail is a rose prison, with red flowers and hitting thorns

And you received both the keys and the warns

But still, that’s where you want to be.

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First person, singular, London n. 1


means Abandon

No inibition

No frustration

No coalition

You wake up one day and without any sense

you're not sure if you love it or you're tense

Could be addiction

to the city's emission

if you're lucky, tuition

but oveall a sort of contrition

You want to be in that rollercoaster because it is actually a damn ride

but after that you won't be able to hide.


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First person, singular, New York

Flash Sparkle smile cry

smell of lights and precious dust

noise of speed 

it's the baby in the street watching our feet

some with expensive shoes and some others with broken flip flops

he is watching it from the arms of the mummy

she wrote a simple line for those people who are passing by with their shoes

money for my baby

and this line is a request

not only for money


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First person, singular, Agra, India

in a taxi

after 13 hours travelling

sleeping over towles that cover old seats

not asking ourselves what is underneath

arriving at the yellow entrance of the homestay

with flowers, when just outside

there is a cow with a naked kid on a side

what is more peaceful and wrong at the same time?

I can't imagine I can only rhyme

harmony, yes, is that touch on your eyes

and su...

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Severe nights

Sitting down and cooling down

why does it feel so gown

like a dress made for a special night

never with a chance to win your own fight

pleasing someone else, that's not the fear

I want myself the closest near

And myself is full of energies in the mind

not asleep, one of a kind.

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