Praiseworthy Anthony

It means praiseworthy his name
here to change things
Hes changing the game
Walks round clueless but alive and awake
So awake
So very awake
So awake so he wakes up the cockerel
Alarm clock to a wake up call
I see it all
Stronger by the day wasted
Not now is he wasted
Like was back then
But even then God controlled it
He gave him a story
and Anthony told it
The jealous ones sold it
They thought they had him worked out
They still think that . .
But he is ahead so far ahead
So far wide so far high
This time round not high
And still flying higher than ever
Like the the eagles
"New kid in town...
Youl see what I see soon
And if ever you don't feel strong
Il be your strength
I believe in you
I have faith in my visions
Anthony you are loved
11.11 walking wish
When side by side
You are worthy of praise
God named you rightly
The lava is about to erupt
You are my volcanic rock
You warm waters
Hot springs
Blue lagoon
An angel he sings

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