Why Is He Posting So Early?

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Why Is He Posting So Early?

(Posted 3.19am)


Why is he posting so early?

It's not his usual slot

It seems his routine's out of kilter

Routine's gone, all shot


You're right my routine's out of kilter

Won't be home at 4

Out electric bluesing

Dancing round the floor


My interest in electric blues

I guess you didn't know?

Wailing guitar, bending notes

What a way to go


On my way I'm shopping for

A pair of wooden sticks

Decided not too old to learn

Drumming, playing licks


Then I can join my jammers

Every Tuesday night

At the Gaslight Blues Lounge

Where skins I then can bite


Talk about such Sunday trivia

Sitting in Hillbillys

Drinking coff with Thalia

Being usual silly


(I drink cappuccino from a mug. Thalia, my Muse of Mirth, sips Earl Grey from a china teacup. High-class lady…...)


(oh....although silly, she says, she still loves me....)


Don Matthews October 2019


Don't laugh Thalia. I will get there....eventually





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