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Eton boys they have the world before them

They think that they can take just what they want

It’s been a part and parcel of their breeding

Ever since they got splashed in the font;


Eton boys have had their passage paid for

They’re born with winning tickets in their hands

Fast-tracked for the greasy pole’s top platform

While grafting never features in their plans;


The rules and laws apply to us but not them

The world owes them their due in gold and pearls

And likewise they can do just what might please them

In taking sexual liberties with girls;


We Great Unwashed are there to ease their progress

And women have a special job to do

His wife will be a looker on the telly

His mistresses on tap for him to screw;


He’s not shy at squeezing thighs

And you might all surmise

That his alibis are lies

He simply can’t refrain from squeezing thighs.




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John Coopey

Tue 8th Oct 2019 09:34

A welcome break eh, Don, from my free verse? It’s even free of bourgeois restrictions like little lines and worthy navel gazing

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Don Matthews

Tue 8th Oct 2019 00:00

John, I can't believe it! You've written an actual poem with 4-line stanzas and rhyming to boot. Your Muse been tapping you on the shoulder?.....😎

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John Coopey

Mon 7th Oct 2019 18:19

Brian - that's a poem! And a cracker at that!
Incidentally I've had my "passage paid for" once or twice in the past.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 7th Oct 2019 17:53

John - I wasn't brought up at Eton but some say I look like I was eaten and brought up.

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