The political train is going off track


-->In the past

Martin Luther King Jr
Antonio Gramsci
Were waging a fight
For the observance of
Their likes' right,
Also like Frederik Engels
Crossing-floor or
Transcending class
There were some
Who were struggling
On the side of
The oppressed mass.

Proletariat internationalism
Their intent
The likes of Che Guevara
Ho Chi Minh ,Castro
Proved freedom fighters
Beyond the perimeter
Of their continent.

A selfless sacrifice
Was what
They were expecting
As a price.

Like Mandela's stance
"Lick not your wound"
Was what  was deemed

Unity, genuine democracy and
Freedom was the catch word
All in one tied
By a political cord.

-->  Currently

So called politicians' intention
Is towards themselves
Drawing attention.

Fabricating a political tension
Deconstruction history
And dishing out
A scare-tactic fiction
They bring into play a given
Ethnic or religious
Group's ,once up on a time,
Suffered lance,
Their hidden selfish agenda
To advance,
Rallying the mob truth
And fiction that
Fails to balance.
Moreover for fishing
In troubled water
A hotbed they give a chance.
Optimizing own benefit
Is their price.

Triggering ethnic-conflict
Many societal-harm they inflict.

They adore blood
To flow like a flood.

Disintegration and hate speech
Is what they preach.
"Chase that religious group
And that race!"
Is what
They expect  credulous
Followers to embrace.

Machiavelli is their
Political bible
To translate into action
They make a dabble.///


To a phony politician who said it is political science I learnt but who is evil head to toe.

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