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#Me Too

Imagine on a date, comfortable in good jeans
Meeting complete stranger during an afternoon
Not excepting pressure, just a drink without swoon
To see the connection over liquid proteins

Now imagine her drunk, already with great buzz
And he comes in with smile and sharing attitude
To be able to talk and find a better mood
As the sun shines outside, to shallow drunken fuzz

Five minutes in the...

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The strokes

As she lies nude in bed, touching her moisten hole
Thinking of her lover, thrusting deeply in her
Pushing a finger deep to tingle sexy stir
As her mind leaves to dream about her boyfriend's pole

Caressing her nipples to entice the feeling
As she looks deep in soul to his orgasm face
Knowing that pleasure flows into moaning wet place
As the cream starts flowing for gravity reeling

She moves...

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Kissing her neck

As I stroke her shoulder, pressing gently my lips
Observing the freckles covered by her bra strap
So I move it over towards her shoulder tap
Exposing her cleavage as I go down for dips

Moving to other side, to push the strap over
As I kiss her shoulder, and lick towards her neck
Circling my tongue around on her ticklish ear speck
That makes her giggle loud, and she moans her cover

Feeling ...

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As the woman says key is communication
For a future partner, for a loving partner
Not willing to settle for any less barter
As she looks forever in the dating action

Meeting guys for first dates, talking, hugging, kissing
Seeing the world after a bitter disaster
To seek an equal love, to seek equal master
That can discuss issues without words dismissing

What does it tell on her if she star...

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Rising Up

Clarify your instincts that lead to broken hearts
To protect the long cracks that wither beats away
As you slither on paths that glimmer into sway
To inform the precinct of the gluing as parts

Nothing will last the start, nothing will start the last
As the sad consequence of meaning honesty
In a romantic scene of direct policy
That shows from memories of the destructive past

As water spill...

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The ride

As the numbness invades to the depths of the soul
Remembering the smiles that resides in the dreams
With the losing member as a droplet in streams
Leaving only moments, leaving now a black hole

As the cheeks wrinkle up, and the cries are drying
The memories will last of the living presents
Lingering into joys of brokering contents
That will enlighten mood of the tombstones lying

Celebrate ...

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Lingering on the brink of complete combustion
To form the innocence of a being shut down
As the opposition agitates in playground
As merry to the mend in mindful abduction

Trailing in the background without pep in the step
As the tears flows on cheeks to concern the children
Stopping the fearsome view into a grief stricken
As days, as weeks, as months pass without any prep

As a light shine...

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