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Most of the hustle plays are done without knowledge
Invisible neglect of the improper eye
That strives into motion beneath the footings lie
As savior to project, doing heavy haulage

Can the grace of the lords be the blessings in bells
That ring the truthfulness of the moment that passed
As the loud voices moan for the cries of outcast
That completes the journey as we walk on egg shells


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Let's go silly

Yesterday, watching game , I saw a great touchdown
What happened after that was a slap on the butt
From a female worker doing a sideline strut
Happy for the moment, celebrating with town

Got me thinking of news, man arrested for slap
The reporter in sight as he runs down the course
Of the race he entered, as others made tongue force
Silly of a gesture but with a grave backslap

Why is t...

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Random thoughts

The spectacle of truth bearing the gleaming light
That sprinkles the heavens at the darkest hours
Lighting the burnt candles, and using the flowers
To fulfill destiny of the undying night

As the warmth beams to goal to lighten the burden
Removing layering for the sweat off the brow
Withstanding desire for the breakfast of now
Waiting and savouring out of the mouth organ

Let hunger soar...

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The intentions are good to help societal growth
Acceptance of beings of all forms and habits
That mould this tolerance past all valued merits
For the love of brothers that dictates human oath

But have we gone too far in representation
The fairness spectacle in the outing display
At the normal expense of the couple dismay
That life is worth living in loved celebration

Regardless of your...

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Beyond current battle

Courage for the moment as the struggle is real
From mother to teacher, to holy caregiver
A saint as regular, as lining is silver
Converging to unease as summon is your deal

Look up and past beyond to find the beautiful
Health, freedom and loving, people are around you
To help through the challenge, to share pain in your shoe
Let it sink deep below, to come back bountiful

Don’t let it d...

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Last one

Selecting dignity for the final goodbye
To end the suffering and future in great pain
But knowing flowing tears will be seen as soft rain
Throughout remaining days, as last visits will fly

As the date approaches, being ready to die
My love ones surrounding while I reminisce love
Flowing to memories of late husband as dove
Will I be united in the arms above sky

Knowledge of this closed ...

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Going on vacation to re-find your true self
As a way to reflect without the working sway
The boiling pot of stress throughout the glorious day
To a reposition of the books on your shelf

What are priorities of order in reading
Fantasy or fiction, biography or sports
A mind full of learning, without any distorts
That shivers bad habits of new found air bending

What can an idle mind absor...

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Work in review - 2019

Shall I move the mountains or part the nearing sea
Shall I touch the blue skies or form new minerals
New faces in new roles striding as generals
To accomplish the feats of leading coding spree

From the smiles to the tears, key pieces were leaving
Yet sense of emergence to find new solutions
But no mistake again, there is some delusions
That causes growing pains to the teams unweaving


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La peinture

L'idée de nudité sur une grande toile
Pour la conversation de désir d'érection
Pour les fous mouvements de sabot en action
En anticipation de la beauté en voile

Jasette et les regards vers cette œuvre d'art du cœur
Pour son amant du temps, pour son amant courant
Qui propulse l'effet des moments tolérants
Vers prochaine visite au paradis en sueur

La peintre concentre pour finir en beaut...

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