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Sweet dreams

I want to be in love with the whispering moon
As I close my blue eyes, let it sing a soft song
That will put me to sleep for the dreamland ping-pong
As entertainment rides for nightly honeymoon

Let it carry me low to the depths of my breath
As every heartbeat is resonating flow
Feeling the fingers fall, and the spirit let go
To my deepest moments as a cold living death

Let me love agai...

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First day

Assembled together in a hurried manner
To form a committee for the project's planning
Getting ideas open with other eyes scanning
Piercing from position of a perfect planner

Where will this all lead us? Will it have great impact?
Another great release for our clients in need
To figure out problem for our servicing greed
That will exploit our strengths to reduce workload fact

After many...

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