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Towards Freedom

What happens to a man in a sexless marriage
This poem will tell you, about the common facts
Not knowing the pleasure of a partner's warm acts
To relieve a stressful day or to show faith's carriage

The male confidence lost of a pleasing partner
To suffer into fright that instrument is frail
Yet wondering the way to engage the ship's sail
To set sight on journey into solo marker

Once the...

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My tongue swirling around, flickering on her clit
Every precise move, to make her moan pleausre
Tinkering her wet hole, and pressing her treasure
As she explodes for me, while swearing sailor's bit

Repeating the cycle to please her now again
Shall I do the same way or mix and match result
To find a quicker slot to wetness catapult
As she will remember the facts of this amen

Continuing ...

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Shall I post a picture so that my ex can see
How happy and joyful, that life has now become
That I now march proudly to the beat of my drum
Savouring the fragrance of the warm Cuban sea

New lover by my side, hand in hand, heart to heart
Attention to details for the romance in mind
That trails into bedroom for nightly rompous grind
Portraying the hot moves with bull's eye for the dart


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