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I was at bar last night and saw fabulous kiss
Between lovely strangers, both wearing nice dresses
Drinking their night away, without any stresses
Snuggling up very close on the dance floor with bliss

Seeing them escape scene to the washroom, they go
Telling my wife follow to tell me about tale
As she's curious as well, so she simmers on trail
To find out the details of affair in shadow


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New Pasture

Test opportunity to see the other side
Will it be greener field or slightly strangely same
Adoring new culture or just a change in name
As life brings about fame for those willing to ride

Go forth on adventure and see the wild terrain
Surrender to yourself of the guilty pleasures
Escape into wildness past the well-known measures
And challenge status-quo to your smartest champagne


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The story asked

Someone asked me one day to write detailed story
Erotic fantasy of two guys in passion
To tell all the feelings that lust in the action
And to get sensation of the moments glory

How can I write this text without having lived it
Not in real life movement, nor in dreaming sequence
But I can try I said, it's fantasy frequence
I'll tell the tale as bold, systematic commit

How shall affair ...

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I am better than him

As I read this poet, addressing vulgar theme
I ask myself question, shall I censor his words
Block his painful attempt to penetrate these herds
With improper context, as I want to just scream

Shall I send a comment to have his words removed
As the numbness in mind of reading about cocks
Should he have editor to facilitate blocks
As I don't want to read, I simply disapprove

Is there any...

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Rose-coloured glasses

As I prepare to leave my boring life behind
To embark on journey towards new tomorrow
Don't allow my pleasure to filter and borrow
As life needs to be fresh, as I find my own grind

The emotional steps taken to deliver
Into a hollowed port that carries away pain
Flushing any heartache down with thunderous rain
To empty into sea as the new caregiver

Limit the time's threshold to a second...

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Nightly hope

Spreading my legs open, waiting for arrival
As I slip my finger deeply in my pussy
Being so wet at thought of my lover's woody
Arousing me tender as no one's else rival

Rubbing sensitive spot to enormous climax
And flooding the covers to great satisfaction
As I stare at the clock, hoping for his traction
That will not come tonight as he's gone to relax

Does he know how I feel when he's...

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Shall I empty myself in pails by my bedside
As the flows from my eyes are intense and profound
As the stabbing in heart is broken and unsound
My mind is tricked into thinking of my death's ride

Shall I stumble back up or stay in my deep hole
To venture back to health or to stay in illness
As the mind wants laughter amidst all this sadness
To flow into living a new free-flowing stroll


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As she prepares herself for a fabulous date
She lets her mind wander about his intentions
To gather instructions for the future actions
Or will it be one night of pleasing, sweating rate

Thinking of her one plans, for the cerebral fight
Will she let lusting goal show through the cracks of smiles
As smitten of presence of handsome man for miles
Being besides his charm for a charismatic nig...

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Drive without fear

Driving on interchange not knowing destiny
For the flow of traffic will lead my harmony
Towards a new challenge of forecast urgency
As escaping the fines, lusting for penalty

Jumble the bold letters to remake the future
As the broken handcuffs, with the wrists sore and marked
Defining the moment, with passengers embarked
Failing to live the dream in marital venture

Shall the flow ease ...

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Cloud over the judgement to exude equity
That colour and gender shall not determine wealth
As the person to be is always in good health
To find the lucky stream of golden parity

Don't find fault in others with the winded perplex
As life alters belief into realm of mystic
To serenade powers of the scared artistic
In full forceful action, for equity effects

Form the inner circle that wil...

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Pour toi

Que dois-je te dire pour arrêter l'amour
Que tu ressens pour moi, ton salope copain
Qui ne chasse besoin, un crottin de lapin
Qui saute dans les jupes a rythme de tambour

Que dois-je te dire pour arrêter l'amour
Car mon coeur veux de toi, mais gestes de crapaud
M'ennuie vers l'inconnu, un désert de drapeau
Qui s'étend long sur bras a rythme de tambour

Je ne veux pas du mal, je ne veux ...

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