The Commission For Less Education


The Commission for Less Education

is holding a conference this week

and is requesting all join together

to help us stamp out

the most alarming development

in the history of mankind

the spread of Education  


there has been a steady rise

in higher education over the past 100 years

as people have invested millions

in education and teacher's retirement plans

Universities have been the recipients of all this largess

building more and more buildings

and elaborate faculty lounges



there is ample evidence

of ever-increasing Stupidity

you see it everywhere

on TV, In politics, In schools

on Facebook & Twitter


we now have more colleges and universities

than ever before

and funding has gone through the roof

yet we see Stupidity on the rise

it is our contention that

education has not worked

people still can't read or write


therefore we are asking

all governments to support

a return to basic Common Sense

via the closing of schools

the disbandment of Teacher's Unions and

the hanging of University professors


it is also our position that Education

is the cause of Global Warming


Please plan on attending

if you are currently educated

you will be given a safe space

for remedial counseling


Sponsored by

The "Counsel for Dumbing Down"

United Nations



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Hannah Collins

Sun 13th Oct 2019 19:02

Intelligence is certainly not admired or encouraged in many leading areas of power in our society. Which is a shame.


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Don Matthews

Sun 13th Oct 2019 13:23

Counsel for Dumb Down I applaud you
I'm dumb and I'm stupid to wit
Can I come and lecture and help you?
I'm a certified poor silly twit

Do you offer embossed certificates for twittyness? 😋

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 13th Oct 2019 12:33

Ha - and it certainly can be acquired despite the advantages that experience and awareness offer.


Sun 13th Oct 2019 12:23

Dumbness can be taught!

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